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How does a vagina sag?

Women's pelvic organs are deformed over time. There may be sagging in the normal post-natal vaginal, and it can create a feeling of falling from the vagina. This complaint is from the vagina's sagging. It is usually seen after birth, but as you get older, more discomfort is heard. Vagina sag is not just a problem that happens after the birth. Some women are more available to stretch and loosen connective tissue. Depending on this, there may be no vaginal enlargement, depending solely on sexual intercourse.

vajina estetigi hakkinda bilinmeyenler - How does a vagina sag?

Some of our organs are affected by the sagging of the vagina. Especially urethra (duct that carries urine out of the body from the urine bag) and bladder, small intestine, rectum, uterus is affected by the sagging of the vagina. In addition, diseases that will increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as chronic bowel diseases, lung diseases (pneumonia) causing excessive cough, can also cause vaginal sagging. Frequent sexual intercourse also causes expansion in the vagina.

So, how does the vagina sag?

Firstly, we need to learn all the details of the patient's age, the number of births, the form of birth, how many kilos of children are born, whether the patient is experiencing a problem with the defecation, and the complaint of urinary incontinence. The sagging in the anterior, posterior and lateral walls of the vagina is examined in detail. SAMAs are rated between 1 and 3. In particular, if there is urinary incontinence in the bladder sagging, or if there is a urinary bladder from the lack of work or urine bag should be clearly sourced from not working. This distinction is very important because it is the key to determining the treatment method. With this distinction, the treatment requires a surgical intervention or it is a medical procedure. The treatment is performed according to the degree of vagina sawing, which is suitable for vaginal laser or pelvic surgery, recovery surgeries, vacuoting, and urinary bladder removal surgeries. Laser application in the vagina sagging is a comfortable procedure, the patient does not feel pain and pain.

vajina - How does a vagina sag?

The laser rays are stimulated by the collagen tissue under the vaginal mucous and thus the vagen is self-repairing and tightening. After the laser, the patient can easily return to his daily life. Especially if the patient comes from out of town, it doesn't cause trouble. There is no need to be hospitalized after treatment. He can have sexual intercourse within 6 to 7 days. According to the patient's condition after the laser procedure, repeated sessions are performed with a break of 4-6 weeks. After 6 months or 1 year, reminder sessions are performed.

2. or 3 in the vagina sagging. Surgical operation is recommended if there is a degree of sagging. This pelvic floor is the point to be considered in the lower base surgery; Fasia tears under the vaginal mucasin must be found and repaired well. If the procedure is not done in a good way, it will return to its original state after a while.

Vagina Narrowing surgery prices

As a result of tightening the vagina with the laser, the vagina is firms, the problem of urinary incontinence is resolved, the genital area is aesthetically pleasing, the incidence of vaginal infections decreases. In short, after the vagina shrink surgery, the patient will continue to life more nicely. Go to our clinic in Ankara without further consideration and get detailed information and price and continue your life in a more beautiful way.

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