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Sexual problems

Sexual problems are common in both men and women. Although the reasons are specific to the individual, sexual problems are inevitable in people who are generally sexually raised under parental pressure. Misconceptions about sexuality and bad experiences can also lead to sexual problems.

One percent of sexual problems are caused by bodily factors, while the vast majority of the remaining and almost all forms are not bodily, but psychological reasons.

Although treatment of sexual problems is possible, most people try to ignore this problem and avoid treatment.

Women are reluctant to talk about sexuality for cultural reasons, and because they can continue their sexual life despite sexual dysfunction, they can choose to live with their sexual problems. There are even women in some cultures who only live to meet the needs of their spouse, who do not care about their sexuality and who are unaware of the problem.

A man's influence is great in directing a woman's sexual life. The female is not the only source of sexual problems seen in women. Women may experience sexual coldness and reluctance for other reasons, but the man's approach to this issue can also help solve this problem, causing it to get worse. Women are also directly proportional to their love of sexual desire, the feelings of being loved and liked. Sexual reluctance is seen more frequently in women than in men. In addition to the physiological properties of the woman, the greater responsibility of the family, the lack of support from the spouse, the abuse of bad words and violence caused by the wife leads to a particularly sexual reluctance.

Couples who have no problems other than sexuality in their marriage can easily overcome this problem, while the problem is delayed and the treatment process is postponed, other communication and adaptation problems are seen in the marriage; This can adversely affect the business and social life of both sides. In this process, the opposing party should be sympathetic and patient with the spouse. The solution of the problem is often not possible in people who are forced to treatment with their spouse's pressure. In the elimination of psychological reasons, it is the first condition that the person is willing to feel ready and in the solution. In order to recognize a person's sexual problem, he must first be confident and think he deserves sexuality.
Some of the women who have problems in their sexual life try to accept this problem and continue their lives in this way, but this is not the solution and causes them to have other difficulties. The greatest effect is unhappiness, restlessness, intolerance and a number of physical ailments (headaches, dizziness, weakness, etc.).

CİNSEL PROBLEMLER 1 - Sexual problems

The most common sexual problems in women;

  • Vaginismus (inability to engage),
  • Sexual reluctance,
  • Inability to orgasm,
  • Sexual disgust.

It is more difficult to accept the sexual problem of a man who grows in cultures, especially in our country, where masculinity is identified by sexuality. The idea that men should be active and router in sexuality can also cause a man to feel pressured and have problems with performance anxiety. He may need time to accept a male sexual problem and search for solutions. Women who are persistent and impatient in this process cannot help their wives, but they can cause a man to develop a resistance.

Some men with sexual problems can choose to take their physical needs by turning to masturbation. But this is not a healthy solution. After a while, the person can make a habit of it, and his relationship with his wife becomes a recourse. With the sexual realisation, the wives get away from each other and both sides lose the desire to solve the sexual problem.

CİNSEL PROBLEMLER 2 1 - Sexual problems

Sexual problems seen in men;

  • Premature ejaculation,
  • Hardening Problems,
  • Sexual reluctance,
  • The inability to orgasm.

To pay attention to mental health as well as physical health and not neglect the treatment of ailments also helps to reduce the problems experienced in sexual life. General health status of people who are not in place (excess weight, joint problems, oral and dental diseases, skin diseases, etc.) They have a higher likelihood of sexual problems, and they have a low chance of solving their problems. Because bodily disorders cause mental distress, mental distress, and physical problems, we need to give importance to both soul and body health.

People who are not susceptible to sexual problems and who refrain from treatment in this regard can have a number of doubts (the spouse does not love him, does not like, is gay, is cheating himself with someone else… ); These doubts can lead to difficult difficulties in marriage. Yet with a simple treatment, you can save your marriage life from impasse and capture happiness. Sexual problems can be seen in all cultures and in people who are at education level. Do not hesitate to accept your sexual problem and refrain from the treatment process.

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