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What are the causes of Vajinismus?

Scientists about the causes of Vajinismus have had various theories over the last 60 years. If we collect them in titles; 1. Psychological causes 2. Physical causes 90% of the vaginal cause is subject to psychological reasons. These psychological reasons are sometimes easily detected and resolved, sometimes in the depths of the subconscious mind, and may require a longer and more detailed study. When talking about the causes of Vajinismus, first I want to start from childhood. We said that Vajinismus is more common in closed societies. In these societies, girls grow up by learning that their mothers, fathers, or grandparents should close their legs, not to be touched by the genitals, but to talk about sexually explicit issues.   In this case, children receive the message that sexuality is a shame, sexual desires and desires should be suppressed. So they feel a profound sense of guilt when they are adults and have sexual desires. In many families, parents do not hold hands, kiss each other, or even use words of affection. In fact, some mothers share their own poor sexual experiences with their children and take the first steps to become women who have a problem with the future of the Vajinismus. The humiliation, devaluation or even violence of the mother by The father awakens the feeling that the woman is powerless and helpless in her child. These children refuse to become powerless women when they grow up. The reason they become a vajinismus is because they refuse to be women. One of the most important reasons for your vagina is sexual superstitions called sexual myths, i.e. false beliefs that do not have correctness.


Most of the sexual myths; It relates to the hymen as the hymen will explode, the groove will bleed in the gutter, too much pity. On the one hand, while the painful situations are considered, the ‘ ‘ Hymen or not bleed ‘ ‘ anxiety drags the woman to Vajinismus. The rumors that the sexual organs are filthy and that women who enjoy sex with men only do their duty, and the rumor negatively affects the woman. Almost all women who have a problem with the Vajinismus do not recognize their bodies sufficiently.


Many women don’t know where the wagon is. Everything unknown in human beings is a concern. The most common phrases in women who have a problem with vajinismus are; ‘ ‘ He is different from other women, there is no vagina hole, the wagon of the self is narrow, if sexual intercourse, the wagon will be torn apart, there will be a lot of bleeding, when the penis enters the wagon or cannot return, if the penis comes in vagina ‘ ‘ If dirty. That’s why the first step in treating the Vajinismus is to introduce the woman’s body. Some of the women in the Vajinismus were sexually harassed, raped and violent in their childhood. According to the research conducted in our country is between 4%-30%. 70% of these children are under 10 years old. Kids usually hide sexual harassment. Because they blame themselves. If he tells his parents, he’s afraid he’ll be unbelievable and cranking. The easiest way to get out of this situation is to forget it and choose to act as if it never happened. When these children are adults, they appear as Vajinismus. Another cause of the vagina is the fact that the woman does not like her spouse, is forced to marry, as well as marriage problems. In some of the women, in the beginning, when everything is normal, a difficult birth, a painful gynecological examination and post-intervention Vajinismus develops. This condition is called secondary Vajinismus.



The 10% cause of the WAGINISUSN is based on physiological causes. The most common causes are; Vaginal infections especially fungal infections can cause painful intercourse due to itching and irritation. Sexually transmitted infections; In the outer genitalia, painful ulcerated lesions are related to painful relationships. Vulvar vestibular syndrome (pelvic inflammatory disease) cystitis, urinary tract infections such as urethritis, vaginal dryness and irritation due to estrogens deficiency in menopause.


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