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What are the symptoms of vajinismus?

Symptoms of Vaginismus Women can come to us with various questions. ‘ ‘ How to understand Vajinismus? What findings are diagnosed with vaginismus? What are the symptoms of vajinismus? ‘ ‘ Now we answer these questions. Vajinismus is not just a sexual intercourse. The following complaints also diagnose the diagnosis of vaginismus. Burning, pain, pain during intercourse. Having contractions in the wagon, legs, hips or whole body during intercourse. The fact that gynecological examination is painful or not at all. By soothing the patient during the examination, contractions can be relieved and painless. Despite the sedations, the vaginal, legs and hips continue to be contractions, and if not examined, it may be highly vaginismus. The inability of the patient to use vaginal suppositories is also in the vagina. The inability to touch the patient’s genital area, the inability to insert a finger into the vagina, is also vaginal. The patient’s inability to enter vaginal ultrasonography. Women who have a problem with Vajniismus often grew up in a troubled home in childhood. Their father’s authoritarian mother is weak. All of the patients with vajinismus are depressed at varying degrees. They’re almost all dark. They feel helpless, unhappy. They lack self-esteem. No matter what he does, a corner of their minds, this failure, a sense of defeat, does not come out of them. They are generally furious. They think that they are different than other women, that their wagon is narrower and the penis never enters. They see sexual organs and sexuality as dirty. After sexual intercourse, the anxiety of not being cleaned is also caused by the problem of their vaginismus. Emotionally, these women are childish personalities. This psychology is also a cause of your vagina. Because children don’t have sexual intercourse. Because these women are either childish or not in a relationship, they become a childish role in defence psychology. We also give up children’s style when they are treated in childcare women’s vaginismus. They feel guilty about their wives. They are mostly married to love their wives, and their sexual desires are very good. They have sex with their wives, but they can’t make intercourse. These couples also become orgasms through masturbation or rubbing. After symptoms of vaginismus

Wives of women who have problems with the Vajinismus

In general, the wives of women who have a problem with the vaginismus are very understanding and polite. The wives of women who have problems with the Vajinismus adapt to this situation over time. Spouses also known as impotence among the public, Empotans, erection problems (the problem of hardening), problems such as premature ejaculation begins. We treat these problems at the same time or after treating the problem of the Vajinismus. How is the diagnosis diagnosed? Many of the women who have a problem with the Vajinismus are admitted to the doctor and some are put in gynecological examination by a obstetrician. Gynecological examination does not use any tools. No action is taken to force the patient or to suffer. The examination lasts between 10-20 seconds. First, it is looked at pathopathies that may cause pain in the external genital area. The hymen examination is then evaluated only by looking at the naked eye without using any tools. A minor intervention can be done in the hymen sexual intercourse, which is really painful. This intervention is a completely painless procedure under anesthesia. Almost all of the patients diagnosed with gynecological examination believed that pain would be painful, whatever enters the wagon. When we tell the patient that he has a patient with vaginismus, they are surprised, most of whom are unaware of the existence of a problem called vaginismus. However, when we say that sexual intercourse and other painful vaginal inputs will improve, all patients seek treatment. After the diagnosis of Vajinismus, it is decided to be the first treatment to be done. It is 50% of the treatment to decide and request it from the heart. The remaining 50% are our business. It is the most appropriate and as soon as possible to determine the specific treatment protocol in each of the patients with a vaginismus. The duration of treatment is completed in 3-4 sessions. Treatment success is 100%.


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