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Vajinoplasty (Vagina narroing)

With various reasons, the growth of the vagina may be in question. Vajinoplasty is made to make your vagina required to be measured.

So, what are the worries about Vajinoplasty?


About Vajinoplasty

Firstly, it is important to inform the cause of the operation.  Within the information presented in detail, you will be informed about how a process has waited before and after the operation. The controls made by the doctor will be given details on how the operation will take place for you.

Why is the operation of the vajinoplasty needed?

You can say that the average is between 7 and 10 cm for a vagina. Sexual intercourse, births and the age factor can cause the enlargement of the vagina. According to research, the number of births is a major factor in the enlargement of the vagina. The number of children brought into the world with Normal birth greatly affects the width of the person’s vagina.  Both the problem of self-confidence in women and the decline in the quality of sexual life, can be eliminated with a simple operation to take place.

With the intervention by the doctor, it is necessary to bring your vagina to the extent it should be under normal conditions. Both the disappearance of your discomfort and the increase in the quality of your sexual life will be possible with the vajinoplasty to be done.

How to make vajinoplasty?

The operation is moving through the tissues. The abnormal width of the vagina is surrounded by tissues. With the intervention of the doctor, these tissues are taken and the surrounding environment is wrapped with tight tissues. Compression of soft tissues and muscles occurs during operation. Then it is ensured that the woman’s vagina is the width it should be.  After a successful operation, the time to return to sexual life is also shorting.


The surgery you requested is first checked. After ultrasound examinations, you are given personal information about the operation that will be applied to you. You are completely moved through your current situation and the controls are made.

Determining the day of surgery;

The most appropriate surgery date will be determined after the checks performed.

Surgical intervention;

After the establishment of the conditions, surgical intervention is directly passed. The doctor complements the aesthetic operation with the soft tissue surrounding the vagina with tight textures. In this way, it will be possible to reach the width of the vagina.

What anesthesia is performed in the vajinoplasty?

You may wonder which anesthetic method will be used in the operation.  Firstly, you can share with your doctor what anesthesia method you want to use. It is important to select the anesthetic method that you will be comfortable with and satisfied with the operation.

  • Local anesthesia: Local anesthesia is a direct drug of the region where the operation will take place. In this case, the regional sedation will take place and the operation would be completed directly in that region.
  • General anesthesia: Patients can also request general anesthesia if they wish. Ensuring sleep with general anesthesia and completing the operation at this stage will be realized by your doctor. 

In both anesthesia procedures, the surgery will be completed when the anesthesia is finished. With a small operation, you can make your vagina come to normal width.

How long does a vajinoplasty operation take?

The patients have a curiosity about how long the surgery is going to last. The fact that it takes place shortly will reduce the concerns of the operation.  You will see that the operation that will be completed in a shorter time than you would have completed soon. The completion of the surgery you requested will be eliminated without even an hour.

Considerations after surgery

  First of all, it is recommended to double the condition of the patient’s hygiene after the operation. The absence of an infection in any way will be with the patient paying attention to him.


After the surgery, you are given medications that you must use by your physician. The person needs to use these medications regularly without a flow. You are expected to support your recovery process by using your medicines regularly.


The dressings will be done after the operation. It will reduce the risk of infection and accelerate the recovery time in dressings performed by nurses. They must not be neglected during the postoperative period.

When the shower is taken;

  Yes, it’s not appropriate to take a shower the day the operation is complete. You can take a shower one day after the operation. This shower must be made. If you pay attention to this, there is no problem.

How much break is given to sexual life;

It is recommended that the absence of sexual life between 1 and 1.5 months after the operation. It’s important to pay attention to the completion of the recovery. You will be reminded not to have sexual intercourse with your doctor during this time. The duration of your doctor’s checks may change.

Entering the pool in the sea;

The most accurate time for this is between 1 and 1.5 months. You should pay attention to these precautions, which are taken to prevent the person from being infected. You will be able to accelerate the recovery process after the operation.

It should be moved by paying attention to the above issues.  If you contact the doctor, you will be able to learn the details.

Is it suturing after a vajinoplasty?

There is no such thing as a stitch in the healing process after the surgery is performed. The aesthetic sutes used will disappear spontaneously between 1 and 1.5 months. No need for an operation or a different operation again.


The operation of the vajinoplasty is terminated with aesthetic suturing in an aesthetic environment. Since there is no such stage as suturing, there will be considerable improvement with the disappearance of the seams. Once the recovery is complete, the operation becomes easier because the stitches will not be taken and melted. The answer to the question of whether the suture is taken after the vanijoplasty you are wondering will be answered clearly as No.

Vajinoplasty Prices

The prices for the operation to be made are also curious. It will be extremely easy for patients to receive information about prices and communicate with their doctor. After your doctor’s investigations, it is important to provide details about the operation and to provide clear information about the price. The price of Vajinoplasty aesthetics is best suited to the market. The operation is ensured by the prices that the patients will be satisfied.

So, what do you do to be a vajinoplasty surgery?

Make an appointment;

To get to the aesthetic doctor, you need to make a short appointment. You will be provided with an appointment via the appointment system which is presented shortly. By providing your information, you may also receive an appointment to contact the doctor over the day and time that you are eligible for.

The most favorable prices;

It is important to provide the most favorable prices for the surgery to be performed. It will be provided by the professional physician in a qualified manner, as well as providing the appropriate prices. 


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