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How to treat Vajinismus?

In recent years, with the facilitation of communication and access to information channels, the disease of the Vaginismus has become more known. Therefore, the number of patients who were early admitted for the treatment of the disease of vaginismus increased. Early treatment is the most important factor that facilitates the treatment of the disease of the vagina, as in any disease. When the vagina is not treated, it is a problem that becomes more complex with the addition of new problems. Now we will outline what these additional problems might be. * * Psychological problems begin in women. Most of these women are depressed, although they change their degree. They’re nervous and unhappy. Friends and relatives have weakened relations. They are in panic attacks during sexual intercourse. During intercourse, some parts of their bodies vary from person to person, but are contran. The heartbeat acceleres. Breathing accelerating. They can be breathless.   ‘ ‘ I feel like I’m going to die ‘ ‘ we hear most of the patients suffering from the problem of the vaginismus. All these findings indicate panic attacks. Women who have a problem with the Vajinismus do not share their problems with anyone. Because they have a hard shame. It becomes a heavy burden on your shoulders over time to carry this problem inside. This situation slowly pushes the woman to depression. They see themselves differently than other women. According to them, their vagina is more narrow than other women. That’s why they’re furious with other women. Their self-esteem is low. They carry the guilt of not fulfilling their wives ‘ duties as women. Whatever they do during the day, their minds are constantly busy. The work performances of working women are reduced, the rips are low, their concentration.

Treatment Factors of Vajinismus

* * There is also a social dimension of the vagina. He began to become the children of his friends who married together. Child requests from families begin to bring the pair to a difficult situation. To avoid this kind of conversation, family and friends begin to wander away from the environment. In social life, loneliness happens. Couples who cannot withstand the pressures of children’s request, we see two solutions when they want a child. Some are an accelerant factor in resolving the problem in women experiencing a part of the problem of vaginismus, while some of them delay the solution in patients with vaginismus. These patients with vaginismus often go on the way to have children with a tube baby. The process of pregnancy is also used as an important excuse to delay treatment for these patients with vaginismus. * * As the treatment is delayed, additional sexual problems begin in men and women. The most common sexual dysfunction is sexual reluctance (decrease in libido).


The woman and the man will not want TO enter into a sexual act that fails. We often see erection problems after treatment in the wives of women experiencing the problem of vaginal treatment in our clinic. We also do the treatment of this situation. The problem of premature ejaculation in men is sometimes encountered. Sexuality holds an important place on the basis of marriage. When sex cannot be experienced, couples can experience relational problems between men and women. There may be marriages that result in divorce or deception. In addition, it leaves male sexuality and adapts to the woman experiencing the problem of the vaginismus. Men and women can live for many years, like two roommates. Even in this case, after years of marriage, it is possible to treat the disease of the vaginismus. Here, the treatment should be planned early to avoid wasting time on all these additional problems when treating the vaginismus.

Stages of treatment

Now let’s explain the vaginal treatment protocol we made in our own clinic. Many couples who come to our clinic are anxious and concerned. They will share the most intimate subjects they have not opened to anyone. We provide couples a warm, friendly and peaceful environment. The men and women are tested separately to get to know them better. Gynecologic examination is performed in the woman who has a problem with the vagina. This examination lasts only 5-10 seconds and is completely painless. No tools are used during inspection. The degree of the Vajinismus is determined. A personalized treatment program is prepared after all these preliminary preparations. Treatment phases are shared with men and women who have a problem with the individual vaginismus. The sexuality we call treatment cognitive therapy, we start with informing the female body. At this stage of treatment the woman learns the facts about her own body. He learns that his vagina is wide and long enough to allow sexual intercourse as well as other women. Thus, the woman’s anxiety and worries are reduced thoroughly. It increases confidence.


How to treat the Vaginismus

While cognitive therapy continues, it is beneficial to strengthen the bonds of marriage between men and women who are experiencing the problems of the vagina, and strengthening the sexual emotions of the relationship between men and women. Many women who have a problem with the Vajinismus marry with their wives. The woman who cannot engage in sexual intercourse with her wife in time, they strive not to get together as much as possible, or even to sleep at the same time. Thus, to move away from each other, shared shares begin to decline. The next stage in the treatment of Vajinismus is behavioural therapy. At this stage, we teach women to dominate their body through various exercises. It is attempted to avoid involuntary and unchecked contractions before treatment. These exercises are like mirror exercises, breathing exercises, kegel exercises. Each of these exercises is first taught to women in our clinic. It is then given as homework.

Vajinismus Homework

She’s asked to do it herself at home. Our patients arriving outside the province may come to treatment in our morning clinic. So we get a faster treatment process. We help with accommodation for our patients coming from outside the province. Patients staying in a home environment need to create a suitable environment for them. Treatment usually ends in 3 sessions. The common rhetory of all patients with vaginismus has been ‘ ‘ I wish I had come earlier ‘ ‘. Vajinismus affects the whole life of men and women. Sad and lonely years. If there are additional sexual dysfunction disorders in the male after the treatment of the vajinismus, they are treated. As with any disease, it is important to start treatment at the beginning of the problem in the vagina. The more delayed the treatment, the more sexual, psychological, social problems arise. It is the first step to acknowledge that there is a problem and to choose a center in which he can safely express himself. It is very important for the woman to rely on herself, her chosen center and her sexual therapist. The treatment of the Vajinismus is 100%. Rely on yourself knowing this and start treatment without delay. Don’t delay your life.


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