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Treatment of Vajinismus in Diyarbakir

The disease of the Vajinismus is now much more widely known than in ancient years. The increased Internet and media publications facilitated access to information and eliminated distances. As a result of involuntary contraction of the lower base muscles, the vaginal entry is narrowing and the sexual intercourse is not painful or at all.   Many women hear the name of the disease of vaginismus when it comes to itself. 100% of the success of the treatment is the most important point that make the woman’s face laugh. I would like to provide information by answering the questions that the Vaginismus patients in Diyarbakir with regard to the vagina are asking us. ‘ ‘ Doctor, I live in Diyarbakir center. I’m 9 months married. I met with a few places in Diyarbakir. They’re giving finger exercises in the treatment. I don’t know if I can. I’m so scared. I went to a gynecology physician. Because I have an abnormality. He said there was no abnormality. Then why can’t I? I can’t have a relationship with my wife. How about treatment fees if I come to you for treatment? How do you treat it? ‘ ‘  Hello. Treatment begins with the sexual education we call cognitive therapy. After some exercises we call behavioral therapy, we ensure that the woman dominates her body. So we can avoid involuntary contractions. We never use finger exercises in our center. All our staff consist of women. Our treatment center in the Vajinismus is Ankara Kızılay. Therefore, transportation from every region is easy. DIYARBAKIR, Gaziantep, Urfa, Siirt… We have a contracted hotel within walking distance of our center for our patients who are from outside Ankara. No doubt you’ll be cured.

Treatment of Vajinismus in Diyarbakir

Good day, I am Melike from Diyarbakir. I’ve been married two years. Our wife and I were married, but we didn’t have any sexual intercourse. No one knows our problem. I don’t want him to learn. That’s why I’m investigating a place outside of Diyarbakir. I think I can come to Ankara. I heard the hymen was taken in a few places. Is that supposed to be true? Thanks. “Many misconceptions are being done in the treatment of Vajinismus. One of them is the removal of the hymen. We first do a gynecological examination for the patients who come to our center. With this examination, we can both devise the degree of vaginal disease and remove the treatment program accordingly. We detect and treat gynecologic problems that can really cause pain during sexual intercourse. In the treatment of vajinismus, the removal of hymen is very rarely necessary. These types of hymen are really high-edged and thick-walled. Patients who are treated with Vajinismus learn so well that vaginal relaxation is not a hymen bleed. We have also witnessed incorrect, unresulting treatment practices such as the use of alcohol, antidepressant use, muscle relaxant, pain relief, sedation, and mild anesthesia for the treatment of Vajinismus. However, these methods have never been seen to treat a patient with a vaginismus.

When choosing the treatment center of the Vajinismus;

* Whether the physician or psychologist is the identity of a sexual therapist, * is suitable for sterility and hygienic conditions, * whether it is a peaceful and comfortable environment, * whether you have adequate experience in the treatment of Vajinismus, * accurate and modern treatment  Should be paid attention to the application and should apply for treatment where he trusts the most.    


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    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

    • Genital Aesthetics (Genital Rejuvenation):
    • Many patients refer to clinics with simple demands on genital area aesthetics. We do not only solve our patients’ problems, but also provide full support for all the issues in the genital area. we offer the best result in surgeries, treatments and cosmetics that the patient can take in all procedures.

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    • HPV, Genital Wart, Uterus wounds, ultrasound test tube and many other diseases and applications to be treated in the shortest time and the best way, our team is always with you.

    • Hymenoplasty:
    • .There are 3 questions in the mind of each patient who is applying for hymenoplasty. Will one of them bleed? We say yes will bleed and we do our practices according to this. Secondly, will it be hygienic? am I suffering any diseases, will be any pain? We say to all no. We pay attention to all hygiene rules, you can go home in minutes, without having any pain. Your application will be done with the help of anaesthesia, and using the highest quality materials. The third and most important is the question whether it will be hidden or not. Don't worry, your information will never and never be shared with a third person.