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Problems of the men of the Vajinismus

There is a constant rejection and unsatisfactory situation of the men of women who live in Vajinismus. Vajinismus is a condition that is very affecting men but also in women. It is quite difficult to carry out a relationship without sexuality. It is possible to name it as an unhealthy relationship in terms of spouse and sexual intercourse, as it is viewed from a sexual health perspective. If the women of the vagina are married with a blind date, they choose their spouse or lover from men who are not authoritarian like their fathers. Wives with limited premarital sexual experiences are mostly extremely gentle, passive, non-invasive males. These pairs are compatible with each other, as are pots and lid. Her husband is a nice guy before she’s married.

Treatment and symptoms of Vajinismus

They believe that sexuality is for bad women. Couples who do not go beyond the premarital kissing and touch will avoid the relationship after marriage. It is because of the anxiety and false belief that husband and wife are thinking about sexual intercourse. The treatment of the Vajinismus is very easy and it is a disorder that should never be ashamed and avoided. Therapies usually occur with the participation of couples. Although the merger does not occur in these couples, these private lives continue to be minimally maintained. They have sex regularly and couples can have orgasms with the rubbing and touches applied to the clam. The orgasm occurs faster because the friction directly wakes the clam. There is little to divorce due to the cause of vajinismus. Because of this sexual problem, the wives are connected. Men develop a high degree of compassion for their wives. But they’re always missing and they’re half. The attitude of the spouse is very important in this disease. For a man who grows up in a patriarchal family, he tries to prove his masculinity towards his wife and family, which is usually the case, the problem grows more.   Because the man feels himself in the situation of giving an account to his family. Men of women with this disease can feel unloved, undesirable. Treatment of vajinismus is very important. In case of failure of the man, hardening, sexual reluctance may occur over time.

Problems with Vajinismus

Being with a woman with a vajinismus can sometimes be really much. During treatment and therapy, we have prepared the things that men often think for you;

  • If someone else hears about my wife’s discomfort, my wife will be devastated. I feel so sorry for her, she suffers so much and she’s hurting. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but I have a hard time with him. I feel so incompetent and helpless about it. This is the result of an empathy-compassion relationship.
  • I helped him as much as I could. It’s my fault, but my wife doesn’t make any effort. My life will pass without intercourse and without having a baby. I wonder if I should end this marriage and build a new life, like anger-questioning thoughts.
  • Every time, I was really sick of being rejected and pushed, and our physical life before we got married was pretty good. We weren’t in a merger at first, and now she doesn’t want me. This is the idea of rejection.
  • I have to spend more time with my friends and work to get away from this, at least not to my mind.

The most common condition in tired men is the departure process. Some men may continue to have a hardening problem after the treatment of the Vajinismus. In some cases, the urge to reject the unconscious of men is never destroyed, and in time it is often common for men who are reluctant to partner. It reveals that the treatment of vajinismus is a condition that both men and women should be treated together.


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