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Psychology of Vajinismus

Both men and women are negatively affected by the disease of the Vajinismus. Women are more impressed by this situation. The psychology of Vaginismus in the province of Çankırı affects many women. Sexuality is an important part of individuals ‘ social lives in general. This situation becomes more important in men. Human beings are a social entity and interact with one another. This requirement applies to both breeds. Part of socializing is sexual intercourse. People get married in order to meet their needs. It can be said that sexuality is not just a biological need. It is shared in emotions that are also common during sexuality. So there is a highly psychological aspect of sexuality. Vajinismus is one of the biggest obstacles to eliminating this need. The reason is completely wrong knowledge and fears that are settled in your subconscious mind. In a sense, the socialization of women at young age is undermining. After the misinformation and prohibits imposed in the family and the immediate vicinity, the woman protects herself and this occurs more violently in marriages. In general, 1/3 of the outer part of the vagina is involuntary. In general, these contractions occur during sexual intercourse. There’s no problem with foreplay. The most important reason for these disagreements in sexual intercourse is the negative thoughts that women have portrayed in their minds. These negative thoughts are caused by information that settes the subconscious mind in the past. The reasons such as violence, sexual harassment, witnessing rape, and intimidation of women about sexuality in a small age cause the subconscious to settle negative thoughts. These negative thoughts come into a kind of incubation period, and when the time comes, they emerge. These negative thoughts, which arise especially in the first night in marriages, reach the climax during intercourse and result in the rejection of the woman’s partner. Vajinismus occurs in two ways. One of them is a painful relationship. So intercourse is difficult and painful with the elderly, and is often interrupted. The latter is the absence of sexual intercourse. At this point, excessive and involuntary contractions in the circuit occur as the partner is pushed with the body or with a part of the body.

The psychology of the Vajinismus, the psychological status of men

Men are also negatively affected by the Vajinismus. When there is no sexual intercourse, the man’s reaction varies according to the structure. The psychology of Vajinismus is different from women than in men. Some men show their reactions as anger. In some cases, the woman is also violent. Some men use their reactions in favour of understanding. But understanding can end after a point. Generally, when the problem persists for a long time and the solution is not found, men do not want to accept the situation. Marriages are compromised if the problem is not found. The end of many marriages is due to the fact that it is late in the treatment of the disease of vaginismus. Although the problem is great, the solution is quite simple. What is important here is the timely intervention of the disease. The psychology of Vajinismus affects men more than women, perhaps.


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