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What happens if the Vajinismus problem does not resolve?

In Turkey, vaginismus occurs in one of every 10 women. This is not a small figure at all. In closed communities like us, women choose not to share this problem with anyone. Most women have no problems with their spouse in foreplay, and sexual intercourse cannot happen. They try to solve this problem with his wife for a while. But they can’t solve it mostly. Women start to postpone and ignore the problem instead of dealing with the problem. The polite and insightful approaches of their wives also hold an important place in the delay of the solution.

When the problem is not resolved

According to our experience, the results of these pairs are pending; 1. Their wives are very understanding and polite, and they live like two roommates for many years. 2. The double penis makes sex through friction and orgasms without vaginal intercourse. Even these couples have children and they do their births with caesarean section. Some couples are also in the way of having children through IVF. 3. A man looking for a solution with a period of time sexual problems occur. In couples with friction, premature ejaculation to finish, then hardening (erection) problems, sexual reluctance (decrease in libido) begins.



4. The problems begin in marriage when the male looking for a solution with their wives is not successful. Fights are either cheating or divorces because of unrest. 5. The male does not understand the problem of the woman’s vaginismus and applies verbal and physical violence to her spouse. The problem of the vagina is also called deferral disease. But without professional help, the problem is usually not resolved. The important thing is to acknowledge that the couples are a problem and get help from an experienced and reliable sexual therapist. Women experiencing the problem of the Vajinismus accept the problem and when they arrive at our clinic, 50% of the treatment is exhausted. As with any disease, it is the most important factor in the realization of success, to ask for treatment and to be treated. When the problem of the Vajinismus is not resolved, all that I can tell you may never happen with a 3-day treatment. If the treatment is experiencing these secondary problems, it should begin. Because it’s possible to cure them. Women can come to treatment without their wives. There are 3 steps to the treatment:



1. Accepting the problem of the Vajinismus. 2. Asking for treatment 3. To acquire a sexual therapist who is experienced and knows female anatomy. 4. Initiate treatment with complete confidence in self and sexual therapist


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