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The biggest phobilies of patients with Vajinismus

During intercourse, Vajinismus is a reaction to the male genitalia as a result of unwilling muscle contractions. Physical is not a psychological problem. One of the right known mistakes is the passage of the vagina when childbirth is performed. No post-natal vaginal. Patients with Vajinismus have important phobilies and the situation translates their lives into nightmares;

  • Normal Birth
  • Closed ground fears
  • Staying Home Alone
  • Fear of dentists
  • Fear of doctors
  • Gynecological examination
  • Various animal fears

  These phobias, which continue with the Vajinismus, also affect the daily life of the person quite badly. It continues after pregnancy and childbirth due to the psychological problems it creates. It is known that patients with vajinismus have no sexual intercourse and are pregnant with IVF methods.

Treatment and fears of Vajinismus

But the treatment of vaginismus is absolutely necessary for a happy family life. Almost everyone has a fear of some things. This sensitivity is caused by the learning of incorrect and dirty information in some women, causing the vagina. In society and family structures, which is the most suppressive of the concept of chastity and honour, it causes the vagina to feel like a sacred thing that is absolutely necessary to protect the region. It is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of this problem in sexual trauma and harassment that is exposed in past times. In the first merger, the hymen called hymen is not the physical barrier to intercourse. The membrane does not close the vagina and the bleeding and pain do not occur due to the rupting of the membrane. And 4 out of every 10 women do not bleed. Bleeding is not a chastity indicator. In every society, there is a vaginal, but it is seen more often in eastern countries. All world-Class accepted treatment of vaginal therapy is sexual therapy. The treatment of Vajinismus is a treatment process that gives a positive outcome in less time and results-oriented almost 98%.Many of the patients with Vajinismus have a fear of gynecological examination. This is an application that needs to be done to learn the size of the disease during treatment. It occurs in as little as 10 sec and is a control that should not be done if the patient is relieved during control. The fear of the women of the Vajinismus is eliminated by many at the end of the treatment.


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    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

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