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Male Psychology of Vajinismus

Anatomically and psychologically, the structure of men differs from women. In general, men express their emotions openly against the opposite sex. Therefore, there are negative psychological effects on men due to the effect of Vaginismus in the province of Burdur. This aspect of the male psychology of Vajinismus should be addressed. Whether they are with their sexual partners or with their wives, men like to share with the opposite sex. If there is any incompatibility with the opposite sex they are sharing, it means trouble for men. Reactions to the opposite sex differ according to the structure of men. Some respond to anger, while others react quietly and remain silent. Especially in sexual intercourse, the situation can be seen more clearly. Many men want to be sexually satisfied. When the opposite sex does not respond to the satisfaction of their expectations, they are angry or unresponsive, and by passive dissociating, they show their reactions to the opposite side. A large percentage of divorce, especially in marriages, is caused by severe inadequacy. In fact, the problem with the background is a decrease in sexuality and therefore a decrease in sharing. Hormones are the reason why sexuality is so important for men. Testosterone hormone is the most important hormone that is secreted in men and is also known as sex hormone. It is the hormone that allows for the apparent appearance of masculine traits. This hormone is always responsible for the need for hair, sperm count and other prominent masculine properties. Testosterone hormone is produced as much as 5-6 mg per day in a Normal male. Depending on this, the hormone Globuline (SHBG), also known as the sex hormone, actually depends on the testosterone hormone. The provision of male libido and erection is always through this hormone.

How is the male psychology of Vajinismus affected by men?

When the behavior of hormones is examined, men must have a regular sexual intercourse. The most common male psychology of the Vajinismus is seen here. In men who do not have sexual intercourse regularly, the pressure of the hormones and the state of restlessness and anger occur. The number of sperm produced on a daily basis also has a pronounced effect on sexuality. Sperm excess must be disposed of. This is a kind of energy surplus and is spent in different ways in men. Sexual intercourse or sexual gratification is a kind of energy surplus excrement. It can be said that the male anatomy is regularly functioning and that excess energy must be disposed of. The male psychology of Vajinismus manifests itself with the absence of sexual energy. The problem is not only the excretion of energy, but also the psychological fulfillment of the feeling of satisfaction. How women are affected by the disease of Vajinismus is affected by the consequences of the disease in men. The institution where the bond between men and women is strongest is the institution of marriage. It is the moment when the man and woman are the most dense of the connection point. Therefore, it was part of a problem that did not reach the saturation on both sides and was not connected to the solution. As long as this issue is not resolved, it continues to process in the background and grows gradually.


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