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Vajinismus Guide

There may be many explanations for the definition of Vajinismus; Although there is no physical obstacle, the reason for fear, anxiety and concern is that the woman cannot engage or engage in sexual intercourse. During intercourse, the vagina adjusts itself according to the size of the penis, expanding depending on the situation during the merger. During the relationship, the muscles in the inner side of the person can not be entered into intercourse as a result of involuntary contrinting outside of one’s own control, or it is difficult to have intercourse. Depending on the severity of these contractions, muscle contractions are observed in contractions up to the hips, waist, abdomen and feet. In patients with untreated and advanced levels, the jaw and finger muscles are also consonated. In some cases, the vagina can cause pain, pain and sinking during sexual intercourse by squeezing too much. In this case, the relationship may not be completed. If the woman has never been in a painless merger, it is the secondary type of the primary Vajinismus, whereas for many years a normal merger has been developed in the later periods, the secondary Vajinismus stop. A medical problem is caused by a traumatic event, birth and menopause. In fact, the reason for these contractions is a kind of body self-preservation instinct. Sexual pain in every stage of life, women are forced to a period of time, and even in women with long associations intermediate intermediate pain and suffering occurs.  Every ongoing painful relationship must be treated. It should be remembered that untreated painful compounds can turn into vajinismus over time. Vajinismus has two types, primary and secondary. The fact that it can be treated in both sinus creates differences in terms of formation only. Primary vaginismus usually occurs during the first time sexual intercourse. The spouse is unable to enter this issue and feels like there is a barrier in front of the vagina where the opening should be, so the entrance is either not realized or impossible. Secondary vaginismus is caused by factors such as severe trauma, difficult births, infections, or menopause, which are normal in later periods. Symptoms of Vaginismus It does not manifest itself in the absence of any sexual intercourse of the vaginismus, only the many cases that are experienced are the vagina of the vaginismus;

  • Sexual intercourse with high pain and painful
  • Unable to move in case the penis cannot enter due to contraction caused by the woman
  • To prevent the merger by pushing the partner
  • Buffer into the vagina, not to place a fuse and never interfere with the finger
  • Symptoms such as inability to enter a vaginal examination are also possible.

Problems and types of Vajinismus

Gynecological examination is essential for the definitive diagnosis of Vajinismus. It is a disease that is treated painlessly and painlessly in a short time with sexual therapies. The causes of Vajinismus are divided into psychological and organic causes. Although psychological causes are quite a lot, organic causes are a medical cause and a 10% structural problem.


In these people, the problem lies very deep in the subconscious, in different ways. Unconscious distortions the notion of sexuality, hymen, honour, and false, frightening information about the first wedding night is a collection of false information that is formed in the subconscious at a smaller age. Hymen and Namus hymen and their protection are constantly being repressed on this subject in a patriarchal family and in the vicinity of a very small age. Cover your skirt, open the rate, sit properly, you’re a girl, stay away from men, sexuality is a bad thing, cycling, high jumping messages from a very small age to see that the hymen are very sacred and cause their superior protection efforts Causes.  Women who grow with these messages, especially in their marriages, do not allow involuntary unification with the instinct of protection in the first night. Problems with Vaginismus

Other problems with Vajinismus

Excessive religious and moral life the protection of the hymen is also started with the first night syndrome in individuals who have been raised due to excessive religious rules. It is the most common cause of vaginal cystmus. The wedding night stories are one of the major problems arising from the exaggerated stories of relatives and friends in relation to the wedding night. In the first night there would be too much bleeding, there would be excessive pain, I could not go to the toilet for days as it explodes or the most exaggerated sentences of the young woman settled in the mind of the younger lady as the most overrated was torn too big of my husband’s organ and when the wedding day arrives with the vagina Occurs. Sexual trauma and events trauma occurring during childhood, youth, or adulthood are among the causes of the vaginismus. Harassment is the type of sexual assault and rape, incest relationship, witnessing the birth case, physical and sexual assault. Some gynecologic physician examinations some gynecologist physicians have performed the behavior, the words and the painful controls they perform during the examination are the cause of this disease. This syndrome, which is a good and honest girl in perfectionist personalities, is often seen in people who have strict views of sexuality and an excessively exaggerated thinking structure of female body immunity. Because of the instinct to satisfy only the husband under the figures of decent women, the sexual intercourse is painful in time and secondary vaginismus occurs in the advanced times. Organic causes the main causes of Vajinismus are psychological, as well as structural problems at a rate of 15%. Hymen, unusual problems with vaginal structure are involved in organic problems.


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