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Vaginal Exercises

The currently administered vaginal exercises in the world are one of the parts of behavioural therapy. Those who do Vajinismus exercises in Bilecik Province receive help from specialist gynecologists. It is also administered by the patient as a homework assignment. They are vaginal exercises that the person can apply alone or in conjunction with their partner. It is done starting with relaxation and breathing exercises. In fact, the right breathing is important in all sport branches. It allows more efficiency to be obtained from the exercises. It allows the person to relax spiritually and physically. The correct breathing exercises also ensure that the person receives more oxygen and is more fit. Breathing exercises are taken from the nose and the mouth is slowly delivered. It’s not breathing for long. The duration of the breath should be twice as long as the time of purchase. While breathing, the abdomen inflates, the chest is not inflated. In addition, all muscles are lootened while breathing. The choice of light relaxing music is also one of the ways to relax in breathing exercises.

Those who do the vaginal exercises, types of vaginal exercise

Mirror exercises are very good for the awareness of the genital organs of the patients with vaginismus. Because of society and family pressure, many of the women have inaccurate and inadequate information about their genitals. Those who do vajinismus exercises recognize their genitals intimately. In mirror exercises, breathing exercises should be applied in a proper way. Afterwards, with the help of a mirror, the lips of the vagina are opened two sides and the beginning of the vagina canal is tried to be seen. In the beginning, it is normal to deny this situation. But when you get used to it, your genitals will start to come to you normally. Mirror exercises should be carried out in a period of 15-20 minutes, daily.

Performing Genital massage and touch exercises

With the help of the mirror, the sexual organ is examined while the touch is also felt. You can do this while standing, on your back, in a reclining position and with legs open. With the touch process, the vagina should be massaged with slow and oval movements. Those who do the vaginal exercises will see the benefits of these exercises shortly thereafter. Massage is done before the outer part of the vagina and then inside. Meanwhile, the desire to focus and take pleasure is also important in massage. Clitoris is the center of Women’s pleasure. Massaging this organ by finding the clam is very important in massage exercises. The massage application is also very important to be done with the wives. In the massage with spouses, control should always be in women. In women often; Behind the ear, neck, back, breasts, between the legs, hips, clitoris, inner and outer lips and toes are called erogenous regions. There may be changes in erogenous areas from person to person. In some women, these places are all erogenous regions. In some women, some areas can be defined as erogenous regions. The carve and touch movements to these areas form the basis of the massage and allow the person to relax. At the same time, the woman’s fears will be resolved in this way.


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