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My hand in Vajinismus syndrome

In our country, the problems of the couples living in each of the 10 women with the disease of the vagina are very annoying. This disease, which is usually a psychological substructure, affects men very much. In the time of the wives of the women of the vagina and the disease progresses, they feel like they are not desirable enough to be loved. Problems such as erectile dysfunction, sexual reluctance and premature ejaculation occur in the men with these emotions. She has anxiety as much as her fears. These attitudes can make the Vajinismus more advanced.  

Treatment and syndrome of Vajinismus

When it comes to end with the treatment of vajinismus, it becomes ready for female sexuality, but this time there are other problems with worries about whether the man can succeed or not. Until then, even in a man who has no hardening problem, this situation occurs, and the problem of hardening with anxiety and excitement can arise. While the woman is ready with the treatment of vaginismus, the man can fail by having intense stress with the thought of self-destrucse.   Although the woman is completely cured, problems have begun in the male. This condition is referred to as the syndrome of my hand. When my hand wants a woman in your syndrome, when men want men to fight their order with excuses, the woman begins to practice the same tactic. Even the men of the vaginismus can be reluctant even if they treat their wives, and they do not even enter the same bed. These men remain unconsciously rejected in the past, which causes the wife to be cold and reluctant. If the Vajinismus appeared on the first night, if the couples were unable to engage in a relationship at the end of a month, they would be very important to start treatment without wasting time by contacting a female-obstetrician.   As with any disease, early diagnosis is very important in this disease. Vajinismus is a common problem of couples and should start treatment together. In the treatment of vajinismus, the male should play the role of a sexual therapist at home and relax his woman with soft and loving approaches. The role of the husband in the treatment of vajinismus is crucial and the most important part of therapy. It is very useful in a short period of time for the treatment to show that the Doctor is next to his wife without being passive in the process.


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