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The effects of Vajinismus

Vajinismus is not only a disease affecting women. It also has negative effects on couples. In the province of Bitlis, the effects of vaginismus are the beginning of the process that leads to divorce. Couples who have problems with the Vajinismus first approach each other with understanding. As the process is new and yet in the initial phase, the problem appears to be resolved. But that’s not the case at all. Sexuality is an integral part of living marriage. When there is no sexuality on a regular basis, problems arise in marriages. Especially, the anatomical structures and hormones of men are engaged here. Over time, both sides begin to disturb the situation and give up their acceptance. Domestic fights show the head, and both sides start blaming each other. After a while on both sides, they begin to sleep separately. Fighting, squabbling, separating the bearings is part of the process, and on both sides they want to end the troubled situation they actually experienced. So they exhibit meaningless behavior that doesn’t actually solve the problem. The place of the fight begins to get anxiety and sadness for both sides. This condition continues to increase its severity until the problem is resolved. By the time the couples are increasingly open, they start to stop talking at all. Every time they talk, it increases the severity of the problem and surges. It actually continues to process the problem in the background. Another element that increases the problem is the questions of people in the immediate vicinity. Like, “Don’t you have kids?” questions that cause couples to relive the problem. Likewise, the parents of the couple “want grandchildren” with the rhetorically they go to the fire with a bellows.

Effects of Vajinismus, remedies

It is important for couples to be savvy to seek solutions. This is a very small part of the solution. Considering the effects of the Vajinismus, it will be better for couples to head to the main solution. To be aware of the most effective solution of the disease of Vajinismus. Most women or couples are unaware of what the situation is. They’re not aware of the problem, so they don’t know what the solution is. Most women think they’re the problem, and that’s why they don’t tell anyone about it. It is necessary to accept the problem in its natural flow and call the solutions of the couples. The search for remedies also brings awareness. The effect of Bitlis vagina on couples will thus diminished.   Once the problem is detected, it is registered with an expert gynecologist’s examination. According to the findings obtained, it is also necessary for treatment. Treatment of the effects of Vajinismus is one of the easiest situations. It is easier to find a solution because the problem is all psychological. The treatment process for all patients with Vajinismus is as short as 3 days. Their wives also have important roles in treatment. Couples work together to overcome the problem in a short time.


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