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Unknowns about Vajinismus

The disease is not a psychological problem, although it is first referred to as a disease of the vaginismus. It’s a problem between men and women, not one woman. During therapy, it should be ensured that a common treatment path is monitored without blaming each other on either side. The inability of a person to marry one of their own does not cause vajinismus. It is a thought that is most of the women who suffer from this problem. Even in couples who flirt for many years before marriage, this is the case. One of the most misunderstood issues is that a thick hymen is caused by a vaginismus. This has nothing to do with this problem. Especially, socioeconomic level is seen more often in highly educated and cultured people. This problem may occur from the first night, as well as after being married for many years.   In therapy, the treatment method of this problem affects the duration and success of the couples with good levels. It’s not just a woman’s discomfort. It is not the solution to engage in intercourse under general anesthesia, with high amounts of alcohol and Antideprasan tranquilizers. The number of couples who have been married for 15 years and still cannot get involved is quite high. Treatment of vajinismus must be done and performed for a healthy life. It is treated before having a baby without treatment and having a baby in all natural ways strengthens the bonds of couples with each other. Couples with a problem with the Vajinismus think they are the only ones in their own way, trying to seek remedy with non-medical practices such as magic, Hodja, but they should be known to have a loss of time and money. The results that arise during the treatment of Vajinismus are remarkable; Women who have this disorder are extremely perfectionists, elaborate and controlling females. These characters are the trigger of discomfort. 57% of women with vagina were treated as a thoughtful and gentle 15% offensive 28% of their husbands. Because these women also enjoy the stimulation of the anterior side of the vagina, couples do not have sexual intercourse, but we are happy that we are such a problem. Vajinismus is not only a problem that prevents tamper and gynecologic examination, not sexual intercourse. Vajinismus is a defensive response, and without wasting time, gynecologist treatment should be initiated considering the good psychological health of the woman before couples. With the support of modern medical specialists, the treatment of the vajinismus is painless without problems. Remember that you are not the only one who has seen this problem in 20 of every hundred women.

Who is diagnosed with Vajinismus?

  • The penetration of the male genitals into the vagina is painful.
  • The couple is uncomfortable or no merger
  • A feeling of burning, tension and pain during intercourse
  • Sexual pains without any reason
  • Added leg during intercourse, pushing wife, trying to escape
  • Spasms in many of the muscles
  • Loss of sexual desire due to pain and suffering
  • This problem is diagnosed with people who fear high angles during intercourse.

It is the most important event to bring the couples closer to each other, as it is not to be ashamed that it is a situation where sexual intercourse with the right person at the right time of the parents ‘ daughters is not a shame, but rather not only with the purpose of baby breeding and In love, it should be told that God was a gift to the people. Otherwise, as a society, we talk more about combating with the vagina. It is necessary to take the pains of the women during the control of the pain during the examination to be taken seriously. Some information to help couples during the treatment of Vajinismus; Because of the pains caused by the spasms of the muscles, alcohol and tranquilizers are useless, excessive fear is the trigger of the panic attack problem, the problems caused by sexual abuse and trauma are more common to women than wives. Compassionate approach is necessary, it is not only in your hands to relax and unwind. It is acquired during treatment with expert support.


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