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What to know about Vajinismus

The process of marriage is a combination of breeding and sexuality to share a common life. Sexuality in marriage is insufficient or at least the bonds of the wives begin to break. At first, couples who manage and tolerate tolerance begin to tolerate each other in time. After a while, the institution of marriage begins to run out gradually. The situation witnessed in some patients is that male spouses become overly frustrated wives who are intolerant and violent after their very understanding and emotional approaches in the early years. The pressure of the family and the environment is changing the wives. Vaginismus Although the woman wants to have intercourse with her wife or sexual partner, it is called vaginismus to prevent involuned pain and pain anxiety by contralting pelvic floor muscles. The woman wants to protect herself due to pain and pain during sexual intercourse. This situation leads to the creation of thoughts such as undesirable, unloved and disliked in the unconscious man. Although there are not many reasons for the disease of Vajinismus, the worst is the traumas caused by the history of harassment and rape. In our country, the incidence of this disease is seen in 3 of 10 women. During the relationship, the contractions arising in the form of reflex include arms and hands in the waist, neck, back, legs and even in advanced cases.  Because of the bad thoughts from the past in the subconscious, the woman does not allow her spouse, and can often push with her instinct of protection. If the sexuality that is a symbol of love and affection is interrupted, anger in the man, depending on the rejection of the wife in time, and the woman’s feelings of shame and guilt in time, the family ties disappear. The lack of gynecologists who have been educated in the field of sexual therapy in our country has weaked their beliefs about defeing this disease, often resulting in failure of couples who are treated.

Causes of Vajinismus?

Vajinismus is quite common in us and in countries like ours. In recent years, Vajinismus has become a more comfortable shared among couples and a disease in which the spouse seeks solutions. Vajinismus is a disease caused by genital anatomy and gynecological diseases at a rate of 90% and psychological 10%. There are undue contractions that are dependent on the psychological causes of the patients who are unable to control themselves.

  • False and exaggerated information pollution, such as sexuality, hymen and first night superstitions
  • Overly exaggerated rhetoric, especially when it is described in relation to pain and bleeding
  • In the society we have grown, the concepts such as sexuality, hymen and honour are very repressive, with the necessity of protecting the hymen in a very special way.
  • Harassment, abuse and rape, which will create a pre-lived trauma about sexuality, is a serious problem of the vagina
  • Unexplained vaginismus with no cause exists in some women
  • Natural genital structure problems are also among the causes of vaginismus, but with a part of 10%, female diseases cause this disease.

Treatment of Vajinismus

Although the causes of Vajinismus are different, treatment is a psychological problem that is possible. The story of the counselor who comes to treatment is carefully listened to. They feel and emotions are tried to be understood. It is an important step to believe that you can overcome the problem in the treatment of Vajinismus. Treatment of Vajinismus is a comfortable and short process. Most of the patients are curious about what they are confused with in the treatment of the vaginal examination of the pain and the fear that they will feel painful, often postpone the treatment. The patient is examined easily without difficulty, even the vaginal examination is explained to the patient who needs to be done. The most important point in treatment is double therapy. Although it varies according to the patient, treatment is carried out as soon as 4 sessions. More intensive therapies are programmed for patients coming out of the city. A disease that is easy to treat with Vajinismus is important here to decide on the treatment to become a healthier woman. The most ideal method of treatment should be to participate in the treatment of the spouse. Because this problem is a process that concerns the woman as well as the man. He needs to be with his wife and support him. Since the disease of the vajinismus is a postponement disease, treatment is usually postponed. But it should be known that if the vaginal treatment is not treated, the problems will grow, causing the family unity to deteriorate and lead to divorce. The treatment of the Vajinismus is successful at a rate of 90% and the lack of peer support and environmental pressure is caused by 10% failure. The treatment process for the vagina is the psychological pre-preparation of the patient, then the clarification of anxiety and concerns, determination of the solution pathways of the patient and physician in a common way and reach the conclusion. It is necessary to start treatment before postponing. Is one of the most curious to repeat after the treatment of vaginismus? If the patient has been treated with proper treatment and has not experienced any kind of sexual assault or violence after treatment, then the Vajinismus will never repeat.

Incorrect treatments for Vajinismus

Patients with Vajinismus often try many methods before contacting the doctor. However, this treatment and the wrong methods do not bring people to any conclusions. The most common incorrect methods are;

  • Female pre-intercourse alcohol
  • Muscle relaxant and calming before the Union
  • Steam retention to vagina before intercourse, hot water bath
  • The application of a drug cream or lubricant cream is none of these methods that do not work.

  At the same time, the removal of the hymen with surgery is a very ridiculous method of sexual intercourse under anesthesia, as well as intercourse under the supervision of the physician during the examination. The first thing that needs to be done is to get a professional support after deciding on the treatment. Without a professional support, Vajinismus is absolutely incurable.  


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