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6 false beliefs about Vajinismus

  This disorder, which is a psychological basis, which is one of the disorders of sexual dysfunction in women, is called Vaginismus. What are the misconceptions about Vajinismus? We have prepared for you to answer those wrong known thoughts and actions in the correct wrong form. All about the treatment of vaginismus and vaginismus; Y-Vajinismus Women Frijittir D-This definition means sexual coldness. And it’s a very offensive definition. Most women with Vajinismus have no problems with the sexual desire part.  It is very natural that a woman with pain and suffering during sex avoids sexuality.

Treatment of Vajinismus and false beliefs

It is also known that many women who deal with the problem of Vajinismus have an orgasm with clitoris stimulation, and this process comes quickly. The number of couples living in this kind of sexual intercourse during the treatment of Vajinismus is quite high. Y-Vaginismus improves over time D-Vaginismus is not an inconvenience that will spontaneously heal. And a professional help must be taken. Early treatment ensures faster results. The worst part is that accepting this situation is a way for many to live with their prey. Y-Forcing yourself to continue this situation! D-trying to get involved with pain and suffering makes the situation worse. There is no benefit to the strain and should not be entered into this condition until the treatment of the vaginismus begins. Y-vitamins, watching sexually explicit Film, alcohol treats this disorder? D-None of this kind of stuff can cure the Vajinismus. However, it can help the main treatment. Y-Is it normal to have pain during intercourse? Dit is normal to have pain in the first combination. Having pain in subsequent relationships is a vaginal problem. It is necessary to be treated. Y-the narrower of the vagina causes this discomfort the involuntary contra of the vaginal muscles in D-vajinismus is concerned. This makes the relationship impossible. But in a normal woman, the narrower of the vagina does not cause this condition. Because it depends on the flexing capacity, it does not cause vajinismus. It is not possible to treat your vagina as if it were not treated. It is a completely treatable disorder. Some physical difficulties may cause a vaginal intervention, but in this case, it may be necessary to have surgery in a very rare way. In general, the treatment is fairly simple and easy. It would be ridiculous to make a generality that the women of the Vajinismus have been sexually abused in the past. This can be seen in some people and is just one of the reasons.


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