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Vaginal muscles and Kegel exercises

The pelvic region is the inner region of the bone structure known as the pelvis among the people. Base of the pelvis; The muscle layer that surrounds the urethra, Volksvagen and the macat in a certain order is also called pelvic floor muscles.  Pelvic floor muscles are called pubococygeus muscles in the medical language. Pelvic floor muscles are also known as vaginal muscles, love muscles. How do you recognize the pelvic floor muscles?  Pelvic floor muscles are best noticed during the urination of the toilet.   During urination, 1-2 seconds of urine is performed after 1-2 seconds are held or the Pevik base muscles are contrinted to slow the urinary flow. This is maintained until the urine is finished. One way to spot the pelvic floor muscles is to squeeze and loosen the pelvic muscles by squeezing the finger into the woman’s wagon. These exercises can be enforced when first tried, but they must not despair. With the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles over time, they can still make toilet exercises easily. This rule also applies to pelvic floor muscles if you need to undergo a period of time to strengthen muscles while exercising. What are Kegel exercises? Kegel exercises are exercises made to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises have been named for the first time by Arnold Kegel.

How to make Kegel exercises?

After realizing the pelvic floor muscles, these muscles are tried to strengthen with Kegel exercises. The pelvic floor muscles are contrused for 5 seconds and then lootened for 5 seconds. The pelvic floor muscles are swiftly lootened rapidly. The pelvic floor is gradually drawn from the bottom up so that the pelvic floor is completely pulled upwards. It is expected for 5 years and is gently lootened. Kegel exercises are made at the beginning, not less than 10 times a day at 3 time. As the pelvic muscles become stronger, it is made to be 100 times in the day when it comes to mind.


How long should the Kegel exercises be maintained? It is necessary to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for at least 3 months. This period varies from person to person, but can be extended up to 6 months. But the most accurate is the lifetime of Kegel exercises. Especially in the period of vaginal childbirth or women in the menopause to perform kegel exercises in the future can be prevented from surgeries due to vaginal sages.

Why do Kegel exercises?

In women and men with a complaint of urinary incontinence, the urethra strengthens by running the muscles around the urinary tract. Thus, the bladder that causes the urinary incontinence – the improvement of the neck angle of the urethra. The normal delivery is easier when the muscles (pelvic muscles) that surround the wagon in women are strengthened by Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises in male and female sexual dysfunction make it easier to orgasm. That’s why the pelvic muscles are also called love muscles. There is a role of vaginal muscles in fecal discharge (defecation). When the vagen muscles are loose, there are problems in defecing. Kegel exercises often prevent problems.


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