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What is vaginal aesthetics? What applications are made?

Vaginal aesthetics can be a problem that even the most beautiful woman in the world has a negative impact on psychological functions and sexual life and cannot share it with anyone. This problem is that the woman is not satisfied with her own external genital organs. It occurs most often in women who have had vaginal delivery, depending on the tension of the vaginal tissues during childbirth and then never returning to normal form. It appears as a sagging toward the vagina (the last part of the intestine before the anus) in the urinary bladder and rectum, and may also cause pathological conditions such as urinary incontinence as well as sexual dysfunction. Another problem due to the birth of discontent is the seam mark left by the episyotomy that was opened during childbirth. Here, the developing scar tissue can prevent the sexual satisfaction of both men and women. Other than that, many women like their own genitals, but they often hesitate to tell themselves. The most common situation in this regard is that the Labium majus, which is called as the big Lip, is very large and has an asymmetric posture. For all these reasons, genital aesthetic has found a place in gynecologic surgery. Plastic operations for the female genitalia are made according to two purposes.

Vaginal Aesthetics Operations:

  1. Narroing The Vagina

  2. Breast Augmentation

  3. Hymenoplasty

  4. Removal of Epizyotomi Nedbelis

Narroing The Vagina

Women can sometimes be disturbed by the shape of their genitals and are often able to experience problems both aesthetically and psychologically due to the enlargement of their genital organs with the effect of advancing age and vaginal births. The aesthetic operations that will be made in people with such complaints are both psychological and sexual reluctance as a result of loosening the woman, etc. will eliminate such problems. . The relaxation and abundance of the vagina will be a problem for both partners to orgasm. To narrow the wagon with a simple surgical operation that needs to be done in the presence of Vaginal enlargement and related sexual problems. Under epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia, a piece longitudinally removed from the back wall of the car, the cut edges are seerated and the excess part that creates abundance in the vagina is removed. The operation lasts about half an hour and does not require hospitalization. . Another problem due to the birth of discontent is the seam mark left by the epizyotomy or post-natal tears. Here, the developing scar tissue can prevent the sexual satisfaction of both men and women. This problem can be corrected with vajinoplasty.


In the women who have been having a lot of birth or hard labor, it is increasingly preferable to have vaginal surgery in the future to overcome sexual problems. With Vajinoplasty, it is revered to the old form of the vagina and vaginal entry, which has lost its natural appearance and function. After childbirth, pain during intercourse during the period of intercourse begins, poor quality sex life due to the enlargement of the vagina is a common complaint of the patients applying for this surgery. In these patients, there may also be complaints of urinary incontinence, gas, gaita. By the operation of the vajinoplasty, the vaginal intake and the mucosal tissue above the outside part of the vagina are removed, allowing the involuntary narrowing of the vagina and the anus to be approximated. In addition, the surface support tissues are repaired and the excess of the vagina is cut and the mucosa is closed. However, normal vaginal delivery should not be performed again after this surgery. Otherwise, the surgery will not have any meaning. After the operation of the vajinoplasty, patients can go home in the same day and continue their daily chores. However, patients should take a break for at least 6 weeks to their sexual life. One of the most common genital aesthetic problems is the size and sagitoplasty of the outer and inner lips. The correction of Labiums, one of the sexual aesthetic surgeries, is called “Labioplasty-Labiaplasti”. The small lips (labium minus) stretch in the form of thin skin folds between the large lips. They combine the middle line in the front and knit the like a sheath. The small lips shrink to the back and become a vague twist. In some women, the inner lips are long to hang out of the outer lips, although it does not create a medically important problem, it can disrupt the aesthetic appearance. This can be congenital, after birth, or as a result of excessive weight gain, this can transform the woman’s sexual life into a nightmare. This operation can be done to anyone who wishes to be married or single, born or done.

How to make labioplasty?

Under local anesthesia, small lips in the operating room conditions are minimized as needed. The operative time is approximately 1 hour. The inner lips are repaired with self-melting stitches. Afterwards, there is no dressing, this area is cleaned with antibiotic pomatas. The patient can return to daily life from the following day. The sutation is completed in one week. After about 1 month, there is an improvement that no one can understand. The Genital area is a fortunate region for wound healing and the scars are not very obvious. Sexual intercourse can be entered in 4 weeks after surgery. This operation does not harm the hymen, has no harm or disability, sexual intercourse, orgasm, conception and childbirth. After the operation, when the healing process is complete, there is no trace, it is not understood. There is no problem with urination after surgery. Sometimes the labium majis, i.e. external lips, can be structurally taller than normal. In this case, the labiums can be stretched with the push of the penis during intercourse, which may cause pain. In this case, treatment and cosmetic surgery and labiumlar can be downloaded to their normal size.

Genital area color Opening, whitening

The Genital area is faced with the problems of browning, regional or wide color darkening, black-and-summing, in a nutshell, for different reasons. In such cases, the laser can be applied to both large lips and small lips. Nowadays laser color-lightening treatments; Genital region whitening, color bleaching, genital area color opening treatments can be applied. Laser genital area Color opening is also known as ‘ labial whitening ‘ or ‘ Vulvar whitening ‘. Laser applications in the external genital area are also performed for the purpose of tightening in the genitalia (vulva tightening). Why does the Genital area darkens, darkens, darkens? The external genital area is called ‘ vulva ‘. The vulva can become brow due to age and hormonal changes over time. Here, the main hormone in broization is estrogens. Many women complain of the color thickenings in their genital areas due to the increased estrogen hormones during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the darkings of this region are permanent. Especially in the brunette, this situation is more pronounced.   Except for pregnancy, the use of contraceptives, polycystic ovary syndrome, some hormonal problems, some skin diseases are also the cause of browning, darkening in the external genital area. In addition, some people may have a genetic predisposition. Sometimes, the increase of color in the genital area can occur after laser applications for genital area epilation. The laser light given to the Genital area can be browning in this region by activating the ‘ melan’ pigment in the skin tissue. What kind of problems does darkening of the Genital area constitute? Physical problems do not occur. Nevertheless, the undesirable color increase and darkness in the external genital area (vulva) can cause some psychological problems in people.  Some women can make them a problem by comparing them with their former state or their surroundings. In such cases, it is possible to take laser-face results.

How to make a laser color opening process?

Laser discoloration treatments take approximately 15-20 minutes on average. Using a local anesthetic effective cream before the procedure will eliminate the sensation of pain. There is no need for general anesthesia. Due to the laser light given during the process, the ‘ melanocyte ‘ cells in the dermis layer of the skin that produce melanin pigmentation which causes broaching are destroyed, thus the genital blanching, whitening is aimed. A single session is usually sufficient for laser color decompression. In some cases, multiple applications may be required. The process is extremely painless. The person can return to the job immediately after the procedure. What kind of laser is used in cosmetic gynecology? There are many types of lasers used in medicine and cosmetic area. Cosmetic in gynecology; Fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional Erbium YAG (Er: YAG) Lasers are used most frequently in the solution to the genital area discoloration, genital area tightening, laser vagina narroving, urinary incontinence problem solving. Fractional lasers are also applied to the facial area for skin wrinkles, acne scars and provide very good results. What do you need to pay attention to after a laser color opening? The use of creams that the physician recommends after the procedure is sufficient. Swelling (edema), flushing and subsequent temporary darking may occur in that area for a period of several days. Sometimes there may be a slight level of water collection. Afterwards, the skin will peel off spontaneously and a more vivid, light-coloured, shiny skin texture would emerge from the bottom. The renewed skin texture will be healthier, fuller and brighter in appearance.

Is the Genital laser harmful?

No.  The penetration of laser light on the skin does not exceed 3-4 millimeter. So there’s no harm done. There is absolutely no harm to infertility, menstrual irregularities or sexual desire. Is there any risk of bleached laser and genital area? There is no risk when administered by experienced physicians. When laser genital area whitening is performed, can genital tightening be done in the same session? Yes.  Genital tightening can be performed simultaneously (in the same session) for both genital area bleating and fullness. Thus fullness and whitening will be provided at the same time.

When can sexual life be initiated?

Tissue healing is usually completed within the first week. If there is no such condition as swelling, pain or water collection, then sexual intercourse may occur after this period.

Are there other treatments for Genital discoloration?

Genital area bleaching, some creams for the purpose of whitening, acid-containing solutions for chemical peeling are also tested by some centers. However, according to our own personal experience, the effectiveness of such practices is not as effective as laser.


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