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How to pass the vagina Prolon?


Women’s pelvic organs deform over time. Especially after normal childbirth, there may be sagging in the vagina and something can create a feeling of falling from the vagina. This complaint is welded to the saggy of the vagina. It is usually seen after birth, but more discomfort is heard as it grows older.  Some women’s connective tissue is more suitable to stretch and unwind. Depending on this, there may be enlargement in your vagina, depending on the sexual intercourse.

Some of our organs are affected by the saging of the vagina. Especially the urethra (the duct which carries urine out of the urine bag from the body) and the bladder, the small intestine, the rectum, the uterus is affected by the sagged vagina. Also diseases that increase intra-abdominal pressure such as chronic intestinal diseases, lung diseases that cause excessive coughing (pneumonia) can also cause saggy in the vagina. Frequent sexual intercourse also causes enlargement of the vagina.




How to pass the vagina Prolon?

Firstly, we need to learn all the details such as the age of the patient, the number of births, the shape of the birth, how many pounds children are born, the patient is experiencing a problem in the exclusion and the complaint of urinary incontinence. In the examination, the sags on the anterior, posterior and lateral walls of the vagina are examined in detail. Sages are rated between 1 and 3.  This distinction is very important because it is the key point that determines the method of treatment. Thanks to this distinction, the treatment requires surgical intervention or it is a way of medical attention. The treatment is performed according to the degree of vagina sagging, which is suitable for vaginal laser or pelvic surgery, recovery surgeries, vagina narrowning, urine bag lifting surgeries. Laser application is a comfortable process in the hanging of the vagina, the patient does not feel pain and suffering.

How to pass the vagina Prolon?

With laser beams, collagen tissue is stimed under the vagina and thus the vagina is self-repairing and tightening. After laser, the patient can easily return to daily life. Especially if the patient comes from outside the city, it doesn’t make any trouble. There is no condition for hospitalization after treatment. He can have sexual intercourse within 6 to 7 days. After the laser procedure, repeated sessions are performed with a 4-6 week break according to the patient’s condition. The reminder sessions are made after 6 months or 1 year.

2. or 3 in the vagina sag. If there is a degree of sagging, surgical procedure is recommended. This is the point that should be considered in the pelvic floor, i.e. sub-base surgery; The seperated tear under the vagina is necessary to be repaired in a good way. If the process is not done well, it will return to its former state after a while.








Tightening of the vagina through laser-narrothing surgery is ensured, the problem of urinary incontinence is resolved, the genital area becomes aesthetically pleasing, the incidence of vaginal infections decreases. In short, after the vaginal collapse surgery, the patient will continue to be more beautiful to life. Without further thinking, stop at our clinic in Ankara and get detailed information and price and continue to life more beautifully.


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