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Intrauterine Tools (Spiral)

Spiral (intrauterine tools) are small, plastic tools that are placed inside the uterus. Spirals contain copper and hormone-containing types. The most common method of family planning methods is intrauterine tools (spiral). It has been the most important factors for preferring the easy, cost-effective and long-term use of spirals. Once the spiral is placed in the uterus, it has a protective effect from pregnancy to 5 or 10 years according to the type of spiral. The protector is considered to be 97%. The protective effect immediately begins when the Spiral is worn. When removed, the protective effect of pregnancy is eliminated immediately.


How many types of Spiral are there?

Spiral Spirals: Our country has 10 years protective T Cooper, 5 years protective Multiload, Nova T copper-containing intrauterine tools. Hormonal spirals: Our Country has a hormonal spiral containing levonorgestrel named Demirena. The most important difference from other spiralis to reduce the amount of menstrual bleeding. It can be used for treatment as an alternative to uterine surgery in appropriate cases.

How does Spiral protect from pregnancy?

Prevents the movements of copper sperm in the contents of the Spiralin. Therefore, it negatively affects fertilation. Again, the inflammatory media created by copper prevents the uterus from settling even if the egg is fertiled.

Who is the Spiral applied to?

* Those who want long-term protection * 40. Day after Normal delivery, after Caesarean 4 months * Low and those who want protection after curettage * Women who cannot use other methods of contraception

Who is not applied to Spiral?

* Women with undiagnosed abnormal bleeding * Women with suspected conception or conception * in women with infection in the uterus or other organs of the reproductive system * menstruation in patients with painful and excess bleeding * in women who want to be protected for less than a year * * Women with a history of cancer in female reproductive organs * Women with a deformity in the uterus * A multiple-partner relationship


What should be considered in Spiral application?

* Must be installed in healthcare institutions that comply with sterile and hygiene rules. * It should be worn on days when the Spiral menstrual bleed is decreased. It has two objectives. First, menstruation is proof that the woman is not conceived. Secondly it is easier to attach the spiral so that the uterus is slightly opened. * Before inserting the spiral, the woman should be informed that the amount and duration of menstruation will increase after the spiral is inserted. * Although there is no complaint after the Spiral is inserted, it should go to the controls regularly at the intervals recommended by the doctor.

What are the cases where you need to consult an emergency doctor when using Spiral?

* Severe pain in the abdomen (possible external pregnancy or widespread reproductive organs may be inflammation) * abnormal, irregular hemorrhages in the presence of green, yellow, smelly discharge outside of normal. * If the Spiral is suspected of falling or slipping, it must be suspected of pregnancy and investigated when there is more than halde7 days. In the presence of the above complaints, a medical institution should be admitted immediately.


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