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Treatment of Vaccia with vagina

Psychological and spiritual concerns are at the very beginning of the causations of the causes of the Vajinismus. In general, sexual experience that creates a traumatic effect in the past, or unconscialized knowledge is pollution.

  • Some fears from childhood
  • Having lived in an overly closed and strict community order
  • Strict morality and honour rules
  • The subconscious mind of guilt, shame, sin.
  • Sexuality and the subconscious of false and exaggerated information about the first night
  • And in the brain, exaggerated horror suggestions during the introduction of the male genitalia into the woman’s body

All of the diseases that are mentioned above and that are psychologically manifested can be treated with the suggestion method. Treatment of the Vajinismus begins first with the patient’s initial examination. She can also attend this preliminary interview with her wife. Even with men, appearances are more important for the sexual harmony of couples.

  Especially in societies such as our country, young girls who are grown with the thought of a structure that is very valuable and must be protected by the hymen at a small age, the problems emerged with the first night reputation are quite high. Or, in the past period, rape, harassment, domestic violence and oppression also cause this disease. It is also possible that people who had never had any problems were born as a result of birth, abortion, and gynecological examination. First of all, it is a disorder that should not be conuned and ashamed of. For a happy family structure, it is necessary to know that you are not the only one in terms of treatment.

How to make a Vajinismus Telkini

The treatment of suggestion is the most commonly used treatment in recent years. The treatment of Vajinismus is applied by a specialist therapist and gynecologist with the suggestion method. Firstly, it is necessary to undergo a gynecological examination. The purpose of this examination is important in terms of what stage the disease is and how it is necessary to be treated. A preliminary examination, which is never enforced in the patient’s allowable measurements, is necessary to get healthier results. First of all, everything that is wrong about intercourse is subtly subconsciically removed, and the correct information is transferred to the woman. The patient is more relaxed in psychological terms than he has ever known and learned that everything he knows is an exaggerated reality. To prevent contractions, some exercises are initiated, accompanied by some behavioral therapies. The aim of this therapy is to control and recognize the muscles of the woman during intercourse. This treatment process lasts only up to 4 sessions and in a short period of time intercourse occurs. In today’s conditions, the treatment of Vajinismus is solved in easy ways without pain and pain strain. It is essential to receive professional support in the treatment of Vajinismus.


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