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Treatment of Vajinismus Mersin

In the course of sexual intercourse, the vaginal muscles of the lower base muscles are involunconsciously concussion and, accordingly, no sexual intercourse or pain. The success of the treatment of Vajinismus is a sexual harmony problem with 100%. However, caution should be taken when choosing a centre for the treatment of vaginismus. Because unsuccessful treatments cause the hopes of the patients with the vagina to break. These women are more difficult to get their courage to start a new treatment. Of course they lose their lives for a while.


 Patient stories in the treatment of Vajinismus

   Dear Ladies, I would like to inform you of the questions posed by our patients who are from Mersin to Vaginismus.

‘ ‘ Hi i am ayse from Mersin. I’m married for two years. My research says I’m a patient with vaginismus. I heard you had a disease like that after I married you. My question is do you do a normal examination before the treatment? I can’t be examined for obstetrics. Is this examination necessary? ‘ ‘

   Hello, Mrs. Ayse. We are doing a gynecological examination before the treatment of Vajinismus. Gynecological examination is necessary for two reasons. First Hymen varies in women. The hymen may need to be treated with a thick-walled, high-edged, septum-like band-style structure in the middle of the hymen. This process is very rarely a situation we do. Second The degree of vaginismus is determined only by gynecologic examination. Determining the degree of Vajinismus is important both to determine the method of treatment and to determine the pricing. The gynecological examination is completely painless and is only an eye-sitting examination.

  The first stage of treatment in our center is the information we call cognitive therapy, which begins during this examination. Afterwards, treatment with behavioral therapy methods is terminated. Treatment success is 100% with correct treatment methods. In our Center 2. Day 85% of patients are treated with 100% of our patients on day 3.

‘ ‘ Auspicious days I write to you from Mersin. You said that we treat your website in 3 days. I can’t have sexual intercourse with my wife because I’m more afraid of pain. I don’t understand how you succeed with a painless treatment. Do you have advice or book suggestions for treating me before coming from Mersin? ‘ ‘

 “Good day to you, too. The process of treating the vajinismus is really painless and painless. We have been able to see the letters of our former patients who are in our Facebook website with their handwriting. No patient has expressed pain. No woman can solve the disease of vajinismus by itself. Most women who are experiencing the disease of vajinismus marry with their wives. They don’t have any problems with foreplay. But they cannot be sexually involved. No gynecologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who is not a sexual therapist can cure the disease of the vaginismus. It is important to start treatment at the right center to avoid a failed treatment. Every unsuccessful treatment is a time stolen from your happiness.


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    You can reach us for vaginismus treatment, hymen planting, vaginal esthetics, genital wart treatment and all other gynecological problems you may have.
    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

    • Genital Aesthetics (Genital Rejuvenation):
    • Many patients refer to clinics with simple demands on genital area aesthetics. We do not only solve our patients’ problems, but also provide full support for all the issues in the genital area. we offer the best result in surgeries, treatments and cosmetics that the patient can take in all procedures.

    • Gynecological Diseases:
    • HPV, Genital Wart, Uterus wounds, ultrasound test tube and many other diseases and applications to be treated in the shortest time and the best way, our team is always with you.

    • Hymenoplasty:
    • .There are 3 questions in the mind of each patient who is applying for hymenoplasty. Will one of them bleed? We say yes will bleed and we do our practices according to this. Secondly, will it be hygienic? am I suffering any diseases, will be any pain? We say to all no. We pay attention to all hygiene rules, you can go home in minutes, without having any pain. Your application will be done with the help of anaesthesia, and using the highest quality materials. The third and most important is the question whether it will be hidden or not. Don't worry, your information will never and never be shared with a third person.