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Treatment of Vajinismus in Kayseri

In the medical language of Vajinismus, the lower base muscles (love muscles) that we call the Pvik base muscles are the closure of the vaginal entrance and hence the inability to perform sexual intercourse as a result of contractuation of the woman outside the control. Sexuality is one of the elements that forms the basis of marriage. The woman who cannot perform sexual intercourse loses self-esteem.   Women who have problems with the Vajinismus feel guilty about their wives. According to them, they’re not like other women. They believed that their own vagina was narrower and shorter. As the duration of treatment is prolonged, prospects are broken, conflicts with the spouse, fights, even sexual dysfunction can begin. Therefore, it is beneficial to do the treatment in the earliest period.  

Treatment of Vajinismus Kayseri, patient stories

I will try to answer the questions of our patients with vaginismus from Kayseri. ‘ Good day, doctor. I went to Kayseri as a bride. I’m married 1 year. I married my wife with love. Although we loved each other very much, we had no sexual intercourse. I’m so scared. There’s a fear that I’ll be torn apart. I went to a gynecology physician. Your hymen is not too thick, but if you’re too afraid to take the dice, she said. I had a hope. But the result is the same. I didn’t have a relationship with my wife. Is my treatment possible? Why can’t I have a relationship with my hymen? Thank you in advance. “Good day to you, too. In some women, the hymen is too thick and high-border to really allow intercourse. However, this situation is very rare. I understand you have a hymen in the structure that doesn’t really need intervention. There is no hymen intake in the treatment of Vajinismus. We teach the woman who has the problem of vaginismus to dominate her own body and control herself. Thus, at the end of treatment, sexual intercourse occurs without bleeding in most patients. Many methods of improper treatment are used in the treatment of Vajinismus. If you need to mention these briefly; The first is the removal of the hymen as it is applied to you. Drug use such as muscle relaxant, painkillers, antidepressant. This is the most unacceptable method of trying to provide the sexual relationship with anesthesia. Because when she’s unconscious, sexual intercourse is nothing but rape. The chance of success with the correct methods of treatment of Vajinismus is a 100% disease. The important thing is to enter the control of a physician who has a sexual therapist ID and knows the female body very well.

Another story

“Hello, Miss Esra. I’ve been married 10 years. In the first 2 year of my marriage, I sought treatment in Kayseri. But I didn’t get the results from the treatment. I’m pregnant. We postponed a little more when we had a pregnancy. And then my wife’s reluctance began. Sometimes there was a hardening problem. It was my job as he got away. We’ve been together for 10 years. No more sexuality on our agenda. I wonder if we’re too late. ‘ ‘ First thing in life is not late. As long as we’re willing to be heartless and be determined. We treated married couples in our center for 10-18 years. When the treatment of the vagina is delayed, sexual reluctance in men (loss of libido), the problem of hardening is often seen as an issue. This situation is not troubling us. The treatment of your spouse can be done at the same time as your treatment continues. Patients with Vajinismus are not having trouble with foreplay. For this reason, many patients with vaginismus remain pregnant. We can also cure pregnancy. However, in the early stages of the desired marriage is to perform the treatment without pregnancy.


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