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Treatment of Vajinismus Eskisehir

Vajinismus is a very common but not expressed disease in our country. Vajinismus is seen in every segment of sociocultural. It can be seen both in the countryside and in the city, in both the reading and the cut. Therefore, it is a problem that concerns the whole community.

   Our clinic also has a lot of patients with vaginismus from Eskişehir. Eskişehir Ankara is a 1-hour fast train ride away. Transportation by bus or private vehicle by road is 2-2.30 hours. Therefore, transportation is quite easy. For our patients arriving from Eskişehir, our contracted hotel is helping us with accommodation. Our center is located in the center of Ankara, Kizilay is in a very comfortable location for the transportation of our patients from outside the province such as Eskişehir.


How do we treat the treatment of Vajinismus?

   We get two answers when we ask our patients who come to our treatment center from outside the province, such as Eskisehir, are out of the province for treatment;

  1. Ankara is a great province. If we treat this province because we are hiding the problem of the vaginismus, we encounter someone who is accidentally familiar. That would embarrass us.

      2. The absence of a professional center for the treatment of vaginismus in our province.

  Vajinismus is a postponement disorder. Women have an important excuse in their hands, especially when there is no reliable center for the treatment of vaginismus in their province. Going out of the province is a times harder for these women. However, the treatment will end in 3 sessions. A treatment program that is concentrated in the treatment of 2 sessions per day is applied to our patients from outside the province. In this way, the duration of treatment is quite shortened.

   When the problem of the Vajinismus is treated in the correct centers, the success of the disease is 100%. When choosing a sexual therapist to treat patients with Vajinismus:

* * You should choose a sexual therapist who has experience in this regard, can assess the female body and female psychology well. Every obstetrician has not been trained to treat the vaginal disease. Because of obstetrics and gynecology training, there is no training for the treatment of vaginismus. The psychologist and psychiatric Doctor who is not trained in sexual therapy may also not be able to treat the disease of vaginismus.

* * Treatment should be suitable for central hygiene and sterile conditions.

* * The team working in the center should prepare a warm, intimate, peaceful and confident environment. The staff at the Vajinismus treatment center must be friendly and understanding. Men and women who have a problem with the Vajinismus should feel comfortable. Because these patients are already worried, anxious and often depressed at varying degrees.

* * The woman experiencing the problem of Vajinismus should rely on both self-reliving and sexual therapists.

   Pre-interview and examination are performed on the day of our patients coming to our treatment center. Gynecological examination is not only a fearful dream of many women, but of patients with vaginismus. But after the examination, they understand that their fears are unwarranted.

What we do

   No tools are ever used in gynecologic examination of patients with Vajinismus. The examination is completely painless. The duration of the gynecological examination is only 10-15 seconds. Gynecological examination has two objectives:

1. Determining the degree of Vajinismus disease

2. If there is a pathology that really creates pain during sexual intercourse, it is diagnosed and treated. The whole problem can be solved when genital pathologies are treated especially in patients who do not have intercourse due to pain during sexual intercourse.

  A personalized treatment program is removed after the examination and this program is shared with the couple. Thus, knowing what will happen during the treatment also relaxes the patient with vaginismus.

  No finger exercises are performed in our clinic. All our employees are female personnel. Our obstetrics and gynecology physician is also a physician who has been trained in sexual therapy. We also have our psychotherapist and auxiliary personnel who have been trained in sexual therapy.

   Treatment of the disease of the Vajinismus can only be with women. Especially the wives of our patients from outside the province like Eskişehir cannot attend treatment due to their work. It’s not a problem in this treatment. Again, in patients experiencing some problems with the vaginismus, the spouse participates in treatment one day. On the last day of treatment, the participation of sexual intercourse on the day of the woman is also a positive contribution to treatment.

   Our advice to patients coming from outside of Ankara for the treatment of Vajinismus is to come to treatment at the end of menstruation. Failure to take a break from sexual intercourse with the completion of the period of treatment positively affects the treatment. However, sometimes in patients with menstrual irregularity depending on stress or when they are available for treatment, we often do not prefer to use the drug to postpone the menstrual period.

  It does not matter whether Eskişehir or any other province to come to treatment outside the province does not scare our patients with vaginismus. Many of the patients with Vajinismus lose their hopes with false therapies. So it may take time for a new treatment to gather their courage. So if you have to go with another to treat your vaginismus, you should not have any trouble at the end because you are happily expecting them to have a sexual life and a happy marriage life.

   In a nutshell, we should last tell our patients with Vajinismus; The distances will be shortened when you find a reliable and experienced center where you can trust yourself. The important thing is that you are cured.


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    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

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