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Treatment of Vajinismus Balikesir

The symptoms of Vajinismus disease are multiple, and in some cases these symptoms may be confused with certain behaviors. Symptoms of vajinismus differ from person to person. The symptoms of excessive contraction during sexual intercourse are the most important symptoms of the vaginismus. The most important symptoms are the failure of sexual intercourse. This situation occurs as a result of excessive contraction. The woman is involuntary, extremely overweight. The contraction can occur in the entire body, as well as only in the vagina area.   The woman is not allowed to have sexual intercourse despite her own desire. The same condition indicates that the woman does not take any foreign body into the vagina. In some cases, symptoms may not be seen during sexual intercourse. Avoiding sexual intercourse with the Partner is one of the signs of fear and inability to even consider the experiment. Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is another symptom of vaginismus. During intercourse, the woman tightly closes her legs. Even in different positions, sexual intercourse becomes very difficult. In some cases, intercourse takes place in half. The Penis cannot enter the vagina exactly. The inability to place pads and buffers in the vagina is another symptom. Likewise, the inability to finger into the vagina is also among the symptoms. For any reason, the fear of gynecological examination can be seen in cases such as inability to go to the gynecological table. Some of the symptoms are the absence of vaginal examinations and fear of tests.

Symptoms and diagnosis of Vajinismus

Actually, it’s a symptom of a vaginismus. It’s an outflow of internal distress, rather than a disease. The symptoms of Vajinismus can be diagnosed with this aspect in mind. Sexual relations occur smoothly in many cases. In general, there are no problems in foreplay. But when it becomes a sexual intercourse, the troubles are in the head. In most cases, she pushes her partner with her hand. In some cases, contractions occur throughout the body and intercourse does not occur. There may be a panic attack-like situation here. When everything goes well. Once these symptoms are observed, an expert gynecologist should be contacted immediately. Once the symptoms of the vajinismus have been detected, the diagnosis should be fully set. A thorough examination by an expert gynecologist can be fully diagnosed. After a painless and simple examination done by the specialist gynecologist, the diagnosis is made and the treatment is passed. Because the problem is psychological, it should be resolved with the help of an expert gynecologist. Diagnosis is actually half of the treatment of the disease. Many women know that they have a problem, but they think the problem is only theirs. The solution is quite simple, it causes many problems in marriages when the disease is not diagnosed. In many cases, the cause of divorce also creates this disease. So timely intervention is very important. With the help of a specialist gynecologist, the disease can be treated in very short periods of time. In the treatment of the disease, the Wives must act together.


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