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Treatment of Vajinismus Aydin

In the treatment of Vajinismus disease, which is a purely psychological disorder, often psychological treatment methods are used. The method of suggestion of the Vajinismus is one of the methods of psychological therapy. The origins of the disease of Vajinismus are also false suggestions made by the family and society. The woman receives false information about sexuality from her family and society at a small age. In addition to this false information, a lot of suggestion is placed in the subconscious mind for the suppression of sexuality. These subconscies are placed in the subconscious, surfaced when the woman’s sexual identity comes to the fore. In more marriages, false information on the first night is surfaced and causes sexual intercourse to become impossible. Because of your subconscious fears, women are involuntary and excessively unconsciously. This causes sexual intercourse to become impossible. As a result of this situation, there are negative situations between the male partner and the woman, and these situations can go up to divorce. One of the methods of psychological suggestion is hypnotherapy. Thanks to this technique, the process gains speed. In the method, the person’s subconscious is cleaned. This process is provided by the suggestion of the correct information. What is important here is a positive interaction between the expert and the patient who will do the radio. The patient is ready to take the information from him in a sense by relying on an expert gynecologist and puts this information in his subconscious mind. When the correct information is changed with the wrong ones, it means that it has already been cured.

The method of the vaginal suggestion and the classical psychotherapy

In persons with Vajinismus; Decrease in self-esteem, depression, intense panic attacks and other psychological problems. The method of suggestion of the Vajinismus is applied for the removal of psychological problems. In fact, the application of drugs in classical psychotherapies causes negative conditions for the patient in one direction. Although the psychiatric drugs are effective, they cause prolonged treatment. There are also side effects that work in the long run. Antidepressants, especially given to patients, are addictive after a point. In addition, such medications affect the pleasure negatively and cause the pleasure to not be sufficiently experienced. As the treatment process grows, patients can become more tense and desperate.

The right psychological approaches in the Vajinismus

In all these perspectives, cognitive and behavioral therapies can be seen to be healthier. In some cases, psychological therapies are performed by psychologists and psychiatries. In fact, this situation is not true. Although Vajinismus is a psychological disease, it is a sexual disorder that must be treated by specialist gynecologists. Treatments administered by specialist gynecologists will always provide a sense of confidence in the patient. There are also physiological aspects of the disease of the vaginismus. Physiological causes are not treated without treatment, psychological causes are not passed. The treatment process should be considered as a whole. The best specialist in this process can be managed by gynecologists.


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