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Treatment of Vajinismus in Ankara

Firstly, women must realize that there is a problem with the vagina. Many women have never heard the word “vaginismus” before. He only thinks he’s alive. They cannot share with anyone with a sense of shame and guilt. The sooner women are in the treatment of the problem of the vaginismus, the more they lose their confidence, their hopes. So we should do it the earliest time before we postpone the treatment.

Patients admitted to our clinic in Ankara will actually have completed half of the treatment. Because it is the most important step to accept the problem of the vaginismus and start treatment. Some of the women who have a problem with vajinismus have been experimenting with treatment in other centers before applying to our clinic. These women are a little more desperate to apply to our clinic. However, they regain their confidence when they see how quickly the treatment progresses with the right methods. A detailed story is taken from the couple who have a problem with every vagina that comes to our clinic. Some psychological tests are applied to the woman and the man. Gynecologic examination of the female with a vaginal problem is examined. The purpose of this examination is to determine both the degree of the vagina and the pathological causes that can really cause pain during sexual intercourse. If there are infectious causes such as Vulvar vestibular, Vajinitis, candidiasis that may pose pain, they should be treated first.

How is the inspection done?

Hymen is also evaluated in the examination. Usually during sexual intercourse, the hymen is stretches and a painless relationship. But in rare cases, some hymen can be thick-walled and high-edged to create pain in sexual intercourse. In such cases, a small intervention can be made completely painless to the hymen. After gynecologic examination, cognitive therapy is initiated. The female body is introduced from the beginning using visual materials and models to the woman and the man. Most women discover their own body for the first time. The correct information is substituted for the wrong information. For example, most women who have a problem with vaginal problems think that their own vagina is narrower than other women, that they have a wall in their own vagina. Seeing these thoughts based on evidence is not true provides a significant relief in women. After the couples are equipped with the right information, behavioural therapy is passed.


This method of treatment is based on the opinion that sexual behaviour depends on learning as well as other behaviors. The aim of this treatment is; To fulfill undesirable behaviour in sexual intercourse. When the behavior that creates sexual dissonance disappears, balance and order are provided spontaneously. We call them love games. The ranking of love games in behavioral therapy is as follows: 1. Creating the ideal environment: The couple must be alone in their own home, with pictures, photographs, religious content that will make women restless in their rooms. 2. Mirror games: In cognitive therapy, the female body is described in detail and this time the woman is given the facts through her own body. With the help of the mirror the whole body is then looked at the entrance of its external genital and vagina. Most of these women say they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time. 3. Erotic Massage Game (Sensitif focus): The woman senses her body by massaging her pleasure points. We recommend using lubricant oils during massage. We recommend that the massage be done by itself and then by the wife. We want these games to express their feelings by writing. 4. Kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscles, vaginal muscles, or love muscles) are involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles in the sexual intercourse of the Vajinismus. Women learn to control the vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises (exercises to tighten and loosen the vaginal muscles). 5. Breath and Relaxation game: You are taught relaxation techniques by breathing and giving. 6. Beautiful lovemaking Art Game: The purpose of the treatment is not only the union of penis vagina. The main purpose is to provide a sexual life of pleasure. We briefly describe the treatment process of the vaginismus, which ends in 3 sessions. In order to save time from non-provincial and overseas patients, it is possible to start treatment and get to the sessions 2 times a day. We are able to arrange a place for accommodation in Ankara for patients who do not have places to stay. We encourage women to apply for the treatment of vaginal therapy. Because we can’t treat it during menstruation. DO NOT BE LATE FOR TREATMENT. DON’T POSTPONE YOUR LIFE!


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    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

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    • Many patients refer to clinics with simple demands on genital area aesthetics. We do not only solve our patients’ problems, but also provide full support for all the issues in the genital area. we offer the best result in surgeries, treatments and cosmetics that the patient can take in all procedures.

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    • HPV, Genital Wart, Uterus wounds, ultrasound test tube and many other diseases and applications to be treated in the shortest time and the best way, our team is always with you.

    • Hymenoplasty:
    • .There are 3 questions in the mind of each patient who is applying for hymenoplasty. Will one of them bleed? We say yes will bleed and we do our practices according to this. Secondly, will it be hygienic? am I suffering any diseases, will be any pain? We say to all no. We pay attention to all hygiene rules, you can go home in minutes, without having any pain. Your application will be done with the help of anaesthesia, and using the highest quality materials. The third and most important is the question whether it will be hidden or not. Don't worry, your information will never and never be shared with a third person.