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Sexual reluctance and Vajinismus

Sexual excitement is a very complex emotion, such as pride, shame, guilt. As a result of a person focusing their sexual excitement on a person in a conscious and unconscious way, this excitement turns into sexual demand. Psychologically, sexual excitement and sexual desire in the usual people.   Clinically there are 4 types of sexual desire problems: 1. Discrepancy in sexual request 2. Blocked or hypoactive sexual desire (sexual reluctance) 3. Sexual disgation and Panic State 4. Hyperactive sexual Desire (hypersexuality), discrepancy in sexual desire and significant differences in sexual demand between couples. For example, if one of the wives is initially tolerated between the wives 3 times a week when the other wants to have sexual intercourse 1 time, the conflict grows so that it becomes tense individuals over time. The inability of one of the wives to participate in some sexual activities (such as oral sex) can alienated from sexuality.   Women are often waiting for a romantic approach to the man’s direct ‘ sex tonight? ‘ ‘ It causes women to go away from sexuality. Even asking for a bath before sex between spouses can become a big problem. A blocked or hypoactive sexual desire (sexual reluctance) is a constant or lack of desire to engage in sexual activity in a repetitive manner. There is a relativism in this assessment. We encounter three ways of sexual request: 1. The problem in the foreground is 2. Hidden under another sexual problem



3. A completely different problem (marriage disputes, depression, termination of the relationship. etc.) arise in the form of sexual disgment and panic, persistent and repetitive as an iterator to the sex activity, such as nausea, migraine, stunting or direct panic, such as strong and develop an unpleasant physical response. The problem often occurs with obsessive personality disorder. Sexual disgation disorder may be the cause or consequence of other sexual dysfunction disorders. It is most common in women with the problem of the vagina. The most important reason of the sexual disgation disorder is the tendency to perceive sexuality, such as ‘ ‘ Shame, forbidden, sin ‘ ‘, with such concepts as humiliation, avoidance of sexuality, parental models prohibiting sexuality, sexuality as a bad thing. Hyperactive sexual Desire (hypersexuality) is an extreme sex addiction to insatiability. The hypersexual woman often enters into her own social condition, dignity, sexual relations that are not suitable for her environment and experiences sexual relations with people she will not be with in her life, and she will feel guilty over time. The person takes a decision to treat sex addiction as long as 5-6 years have elapsed and has begun to adversely affect private and social life.


All sexual desire problems are accompanied by a woman with sexual dysfunctions such as vajinismus, orgasm disorders, erection problems in men, premature ejaculation, late ejaculation. That shows us. When treating sexual dysfunctions, the underlying cause should be investigated first. That’s precisely why our clinic begins with treatment, detailed story retrieval and psychological tests. In the second phase, the relational configuration is performed.



In this phase, marriage and relationship therapy techniques are used. Feeding, drinking water, breathing, how the necessity of life is a necessity of marriage to have sex. Then the cognitive restructuring is done. At this stage and the male and female body is introduced to each other and the wrong information is put into place the truth. Stage three is emotional. The aim is to make the patient express their negative feelings, such as nerves, guilt, fear, which inhibits sexual desire. Stage four is behavioral. Improper behaviour in sexual activities is corrected and restructured. The final stage is to configure a sexually explicit sexual relationship and prevent the return.


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