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Sexually disgusted and Vajinismus

Sexual disgment disorder is a constant or repetitive way of the American Psychiatric Association in 2000, with the recognition of a genital sexual intercourse with a sexual spouse, and completely (or almost entirely) avoiding Characterized by a disorder of sexual desire.

Sexual disgation is not seen alone. It is often accompanied by sexual reluctance (decreased libido), Vajinismus, dyspareunia (pain in sexual intercourse). It is seen more often in women but also in men. The incidence is low. Mostly on the ground is a history of sexual harassment.


There are two types of sexual disgation disorder:

Primary type: Primary type of sexual disgitus disorders started at a very early age. Most of these patients were sexually harassed and abused during childhood. Also, sexual rape stories of someone else's lives and unwanted pregnancies cause a primary type of sexual disgassing disorder. In the backdrop of sexual disgation, in women, there is an early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men. Obsessive Compulsive behavioral disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depressive emotions are often seen in the primary type of sexual disgation disorders. The above-mentioned psychological disorders in patients with vajinismus are seen in varying degrees.  The primary type of disgated disorder is not specific to the partner. The Problem is seen in all partners.

Secondary type: Secondary types of sexual disgation disorders, people with normal or even gratifying sexual relations in the past, subsequently begin to reflow from any sexual acts and behavior. Sexual intercourse can never happen or it becomes painful. If the disease is untreated, it is progressive. Erectile dysfunction occurs to create an excuse to avoid sexual intercourse after sexual dysfunction, such as premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm.


The secondary type of problem occurs on a single peer. No problems when a peer is changed.


Treatment of sexual disgating disorder is done using ' ' Behavioural desensitization methods ' ' and ' ' sexual therapy methods ' '. In our clinic, couples who have a sexual disgative disorder and a related vaginal problem are treated in a very short time. If the ground is accompanied by a personality disorder or a psychological illness, we can also do treatments together with our psychologist. It is important to find out if it is caused by the disorders of the vagina or other sexual dysfunction and to provide a sexual intercourse that is gratifable. No matter what the Problem is, don't postpone your life.


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