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Reasons for not having intercourse

There are psychological and physiological reasons for couples not having a healthy relationship or having intercourse. The reasons for not having intercourse are due to defects found on both sides physiologically. In some cases there is a treatment of physiological defects, and in some cases the treatment may take a lifetime. Some of the congenital physiological defects require a lifetime treatment process, while others only persist for a while. For example, the hymen structure is a congenital physiological condition. It is not a defect, but some types of hymen have a structure that poses a barrier to sexual intercourse. Some of the other defects in the Genital area are also effective in making sexual intercourse impossible. Besides physiological effects, it has an important role in making sexual intercourse impossible in the more important psychological effects. Psychological factors can be on both sides. But especially in women it can be seen as a more violent expression.   Vajinismus disease is also one of the most important psychological problems. Especially in women, the first night fear and the absence of sexual intercourse is one of the reasons.

Reasons for not having intercourse, the effect of the Vaginismus

The misconception of women’s subconscious is the emergence of the first night and sexual intercourse. The causes of inability to engage in the relationship are a significant factor in vaginismus. As in other provinces, the situation in Çanakkale province is the same. Vajinismus is a disease that is seen in many women. In general, sexuality is seen as taboo and is more common in societies where women are under pressure. It appears as a woman’s fear of sexual intercourse and rejing her partner. There is no problem with foreplay, which is the first stages of sexual intercourse. However, during intercourse, the problem begins to emerge. Women with a problem with Vajinismus are afraid of their partners. But this fear is not a consciously formed fear. It is the expressionism of misinformation contained in the subconscious. Some women are protected by excessive muscle. Involuntary contractions are sometimes experienced throughout the body. Sometimes it remains confined to the genital areas. The tight closure of the legs and the absence of the penis in the vagina is one of the conditions. The excessive contractions occurring in the pelvic floor muscles, such as panic attacks, and the pushing of the partner with the whole body or by hand, are the results of the vagina. The woman performs these reactions involuntary and then takes guilt. Some wives have a sense of understanding, while some wives may be furious. Relationship-inability to enter To be aware of the disease that is important in the disease of Vajinismus. The reasons for not having intercourse should be questioned and the necessary steps should be taken. The most important step here is to ask for help from a specialist gynecologist. The expert gynecologist reveals the situation more clearly and takes the necessary steps as a result of a simple and thorough examination. After raising awareness in the disease of vajinismus, it is very easy to treat. In a very short period of time, the problem is solved if the person is willing to treat. Men’s wives support their wives in this regard will further accelerate the treatment process.


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