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Cervical wounds and solution methods

Cervical wounds are a common disorder in women. Cervical wounds take an image outside the normal uterus. Intrauterine inflammation, cervical erosion, servicalectropion gives the appearance of the wound in the mouth of the uterus.

Cervicitis (Cervix)

Inflammatory status of the cervical tissue. It can be seen in women of any age of sexual intercourse. The servisite is caused by infections and traumas in the uterus. Blood flow to the region increases in the cervical infections and traumas. The increased region of blood flow gets a more redish and skewed appearance.

Cervical erosion and ectropion

The inner side of the uterus and the outer face are furnished with different cells. This difference causes the inner face to appear in red in a pink color. The boundary area separating the inner and outer surface is called the transformation zone. It is called ectropion (servicaleversion) to advance the outer surface of the cells that are laying the inner surface. This condition is not a cancer. The occurrence of ectropion in pregnancy and young girls is considered normal. With the use of contraceptives, it may occur depending on the use of a sperm killer or lubricant cream, with the trauma of the uterine mouth during the use of condoms or buffers.

What kind of complaints do the cervical wounds cause in women?

  • * Servisitis can be seen alone or with some other diseases in women with a yellow-green, smelly vaginal discharge outside of pain and normal in the groin.
  • * Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • * Pain during sexual intercourse (Disparoni)
  • * Burning when urinating (Dyspuria)
  • * Low back pain
  • * The delayed treatment of the mucus, which acts as a gag in the uterus, prevents the passage of sperm from the cervical duct and can cause infertility.
  • * There is a risk of low (abortus) and premature birth (preterm birth) when there is a cervical inflammation in pregnant women. In newborns born from mothers with Cervicitis, postoperative lung and eye infections are more common.

What is the diagnosis and treatment of cervical wounds?

Since the cervical wounds have no specific complaints, it is often diagnosed as a result of gynecological examination of women admitted to the gynecologist due to another disease. A few of the complaints mentioned above are necessarily. In women with vaginal discharge due to infection, it is planned to examine and treat it first. After vaginal infection, cell screening is performed with cervical smear test. According to the result of servikalpapsmeartesti treatment is planned. If there is abnormal cell development in the Servicalsmear test, Servicalbiopsi accompanied by colposcopy is taken. Colposcopy gives a detailed examination of biopsia from areas that have an abnormal reaction to a specially crafted solution that is sprayed into the uterus uterus. The purpose of treatment in the cervical wounds; is to kill the cells that should not be in the area outside the inflammatory and uterine mouth of the wound and to achieve healthy tissue development instead. For this purpose, cauterization or cryotherapy applications are performed in the womb.


It is the destruction of the uterus by generating heat by means of electric current. This process is also called incineration among the people. For this purpose, tools are used in the form of thin pencils. The coterization process can be very mild painful. No anesthesia required. After the coterization, the robust tissue is covered by the texture that is destroyed and allows it to heal. Wound healing finds the month of 1-2. The results are quite good when done with good devices.


It is the process of freezing the uterus with the help of liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. It is known as a wound freezing process among the people. It is a process made using special apparatus. Mostly pain is not felt. Wound healing can take up to 1-2 months. The cervical wounds should not be taken lightly and should never be postponed. Make an appointment without wasting time and experience healthy days. Tel: 0312 235 33 11


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