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It is usually a period after the age of 40 years, when the menstrual hemorrhages were seen in the period of approximately 55 to age, and later it was interrupted. Menopause means the last menstrual hemorrhage. She spent about a third of her life in this period; But with the longer human life, this period is increasing. It is regarded as a natural stage of life. If menopause occurs before the age of 40, it is called early menopause.


Menopause can be experienced without any other discomfort, except for the symptoms that should be. However, the number of women who pass this period is only a quarter of the women. Some changes that occur during this period can adversely affect the life of the woman and prepare the ground for many diseases. This prevents the woman from maintaining the quality of life and a happy life.

As a result of the reduction of hormone production in the oestrogen, irregularity occurs in menstrual hemorrhages. With the decrease in the production of this hormone, the areas related to heat in the body are affected and conditions such as sweating, fever flashes occur. This topic is no longer looked like before. Nowadays, menopause is considered a disease. Today, female ovarian hormones are produced in laboratory conditions. The negativity that may arise in menopause is prevented.


The causes of menopause are the reduction of estrogen and progesterone hormones known as feminism hormones. After the age of 40s, the production of these hormones in the ovaries is thoroughly reduced. This leads to menopause.


One of the most prominent symptoms in the first is the deterioration of the menstrual order. The amount of bleeding decreases. As the ovulation decreases, the probability of getting pregnant is unlikely. Various disorders are also observed due to the reduction of estrogen hormone. There may be night sweats, fever, palpitations, percent rednesses. Only these symptoms may not be in all patients. After 3-5 years of already progressed in the menopause period, these symptoms begin to decline. In addition, psychological disorders in menopause are also prominent. There may be symptoms like tension, irritability, depression. The quality of sleep has decreased. Sleep quality reduction is meant to prolongation of the duration of fall asleep and the REM phase of sleep is shortening. Other than these, head and joint pain, sexual reluctance, muscle aches can be seen. All of this is the classic symptoms of menopause.


Other symptoms seen in menopause are observed locally. Hearing pain during intercourse is one of them. Because during this period, the amount of fluid that allows the lubrication of the vagina decreases and the vagina becomes dry. The vagina is thinned and has begun to lose its elasticity. Therefore, pain, burning, irritation and mild bleeding can be seen during the relationship. It can heal with estrogen treatment. In addition, these findings are less common in people who maintain their sexual relationship.

At the beginning of the long-term symptoms, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases are the ones. Our site is linked to estrogen, which is also a female hormone, which we examine under another title. The reduction of this hormone leads to fractures and losses in the bones. This is why estrogen hormone and calcium therapy should be administered. It is the estrogen hormone that causes cardiovascular disease in women to be seen at a later age. After menopause, the risk of heart disease increases as this hormone decreases. Because low density cholesterol (LDL) has increased.


Menopause is not an emerging situation at a time. The changes in the body begin and years later the woman enters menopause. This means that the transition period lasts up to 20 years. At first, ovulation decreases and symptoms such as night sweats, menstrual irregularities, fever flashes and tension, which are counted in the classical symptoms above, appear. These complaints increase after a period of time and the pieces are cut. If this period lasts more than 5-6 months, the doctor should be consulted and hormone tests should be made. Thus, estrogen and FSH hormones are looked at. They can be diagnosed by looking at their levels in the body. Also, if menstrual bleeding does not occur for 1 year, menopause is diagnosed. Not all menstrual irregularities or bleeding is not menopause. There may be other underlying causes. Therefore, the doctor must be admitted.

The adverse symptoms mentioned above arise due to the reduction of estrogen and progesterone hormone. These hormones are used in the treatment and put into place. Thus, a lot of discomfort that will adversely affect the quality of life is corrected or minimized.


Treatment of estrogen is treated in two ways, either orally or as a method of bonding to the skin. Calcium and progesterone can be added to this treatment. Adherents to the skin should be changed every 3 days or once a week. The doctor will specify when to change it according to the drug it gives. With estrogen treatment, Alzheimer’s disease and intestinal cancer are less likely to be seen. Reduction of cardiovascular diseases is ensured. In contrast to the known society, estrogen does not cause cervical cancer. Problems such as painful intercourse, burning, itching are healed in 1 year with estrogen treatment.

There are some patients with no estrogens. It is not given to active liver patients. People with uterus or breast cancer must consult a doctor. Some conditions are required to give these patients estrogen. Also, those with vascular clotting problems should not use this treatment.

The problem of osteoporosis after menopause with the issuance of estrogens is also prevented to some extent. This effect is further increased when calcium is added to this treatment.


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