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Infertility and Sterility

Infertility is a condition in which a person cannot have a child despite regular sexual intercourse within a year without any method of protection. Infertility causes are 40% male, 40% women, and 20% of both. Approximately 10 to 20% of infertile couples have unexplained infertility. If the problem originate from whom, the couples negatively affect the psychosocial aspects.


Infertility and psychological support

The diagnosis of infertility is taken in a period when the couple wants the most children. It is not possible for the couple to perceive this diagnosis and cope with this situation in the first place. In this period, couples begin to review their previous lives, blaming themselves and their wives. They can even deny the situation to save time. The doctor wants to go back to the doctor and reassess his condition. All of these are the ones that are made to adapt to the diagnosis they receive.

Starting treatment means accepting the diagnosis partially. The infertility treatment process of the infertile couple is influenced by the many areas of the treatment and from psychosocial factors. Advances in assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF and vaccination create a way of hope for the patients, whereas in couples such as sadness, loss of control, stigma and inability to reach adult identity.

Having no children causes psychological trauma and also brings together a kind of identity crisis. Self-esteem is scarred, the inability and feelings of guilt evens concerns about the image of the body, even the fears of castration and the sense of extinction. From these angles, it is possible to relate the problems experienced by a couple with infertile to him, his family, his close social environment and IVF treatment.

When considering the areas of treatment, especially in women’s problems; The number of people who feel nervous about the time they start treatment and the previous unsuccessful treatments, who are not able to sleep on the evening of the day of their coming to the hospital, who are busy with the question of “can I conceive of the mind” is high. Infertility treatment is evident in the difficult and long process of people experiencing problems such as anxiety, sexual dysfunction, intra-marriage conflict.

Different perspective

Because a high proportion of infertile women cannot give children to their spouse, they feel guilty about the women who have conceived and had children, who are experiencing angry emotions, and the world feels that the heads are destroyed when they are Known. In the study on a group of patients, 50% of men and 50% of women defined infertility as the most regrettable event of their lives.

Studies have shown that psychological support to negatively affected couples in the treatment process affects the success positively. In a study, 34% of couples receiving psychological support in the treatment process were conceived. Psychological aid programs alone are not enough to eliminate the problem. However, it causes the infertile couple to perceive the situation, adapt to treatment, improve the quality of life, help the treatment team throughout the treatment process and, most importantly, increase their success in achieving the infant they hope to be.

Psychological support programmes to be held in this period;


The most important factor that increases the person’s anxiety is lack of knowledge. The duration of the double treatment, the content, what to face, treatment options and the percentage of success should be explained. Studies on the importance of the fact that couples have knowledge about treatment also show that the awareness and anxiety measurements are inversely proportional. So the more accurate and adequate information, the less anxiety it means.


Individual, family, group therapies should be applied according to the situation.


Infertility treatment is a serious and long treatment requiring a team of doctors, embryologists, biologists, nurses, and experienced teams, and one of the indispensable elements of this team is psychologists. The excerpts in this article were taken from the work I did on women with infertile disease 500 in 2007.


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