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Incorrect methods in the treatment of Vajinismus

The disease of Vajinismus is observed in one of 10 women in our country. It is more common in the east and in our country than in Western countries. The reason is that women who grow up with oppressive attitudes arise from the first night exaggerated horror with the mind filled with false and dirty information. Since there is no such department as a field of science in this regard, some physicians are trying to help patients by developing themselves.   Due to insufficient hardware, it causes patients to apply incorrect treatment paths to couples with improper treatment practices. The treatment of Vajinismus now ends in 3 sessions with scientific methods. Common anxiety in many of the patients with vajinismus have fears such as pain, pain, fragmentation and deadlock in the relationship.

Vajinismus Mistakes

The treatment of vaginal therapy is used in cognitive and behavioural methods. Diagnosis is important in this disease. Surgical intervention is necessary for the vagina caused by abnormal conditions due to hymen. With gynecological evaluation, definitive diagnosis is very important. Unnecessary and incorrect methods of vaginal treatment are both unnecessary and useless and waste of time. Unnecessary hymen surgeries, living baths, lubricants, creams, drug drugs, alcohol-related experiments with anesthesia are never recommended. Every method applied without treatment of the person’s anxiety results in frustration. It is quite a lot in the people who fall into this trap by believing that this disorder can be solved by methods such as Amulet, lead and reading by the charlatan teachers who do not see it as a sexual problem. All efforts that cannot reach the solution cause material spiritual losses in pairs and their pessaries come to enormous proportions. This problem cannot be cured without professional support. In order to achieve a permanent solution, it is among the treatments that have been obtained with personal, scientific and ethical methods in today’s knowledge accumulation. In this treatment, pelvic exercises are very important. The more systematic operation of the vaginal muscles is crucial for the precise and rapid outcome of this treatment during this therapy. In some problems belonging to the hymen and vagina, surgical procedures can be resolved with simple methods.


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    • Vaginismus Treatment:
    • Vaginismus is a new disease which is known today. Previously, most physicians were using psychological, drug-assisted treatment methods, which were classical treatment modalities.In our clinic, we listen to our patient firstly, give them a special treatment plan, like finger excersiz, being far away from insufficient treatments, completely personal treatment paln, we finish your treatment in a few hours or 1 day or 3 days and send you to your home with happiness and stisfied.

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    • .There are 3 questions in the mind of each patient who is applying for hymenoplasty. Will one of them bleed? We say yes will bleed and we do our practices according to this. Secondly, will it be hygienic? am I suffering any diseases, will be any pain? We say to all no. We pay attention to all hygiene rules, you can go home in minutes, without having any pain. Your application will be done with the help of anaesthesia, and using the highest quality materials. The third and most important is the question whether it will be hidden or not. Don't worry, your information will never and never be shared with a third person.