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Vajinismus in Doctors

Vajinismus is a disease that can be found in every part of the society without differentiating education and sociocultural level. Especially the girls who grew up in closed communities like our country, the fear of deterioration of the hymen in the subconscious, growing their legs are taught to be rude. The fact that these girls get a good education doesn’t change the negative encodings of the subconscious. Therefore, well-trained patients with vaginismus are formed.

   The patient with Vajinismus only thinks that he is experiencing this problem. In fact, many patients with vaginismus think of themselves being punished for some of the negative experiences they have experienced in the past. In fact, having detailed information on a subject is a relaxing, anxiety-reducing factor. However, in these patients, the phenomenon is a victim of the subconscious, they can not talk about their bodies. There may be uncontrolled vaginal contractions during sexual intercourse or even thinking about sexual intercourse.

   The education level of 75% of the patients admitted to our clinic is graduated from the university. In this group, healthcare professionals have an important place. There is also a group of doctors, among which there are no less than gynecologists. Doctors who know the female body to the smallest detail, often witness that the vagina expands to allow a baby to come out during normal childbirth, but can not overcome their fears.

Vajinismus in healthcare workers

   The treatment of vaginismus in healthcare workers also requires a professional approach. We, as sexual therapists, take them to the treatment protocol by ignoring their health worker’s identity. Because even though she’s a paramour, she doesn’t have to know everything about her body and sexuality. As such, gynecologists and psychologists who are not sexual therapists may also not be able to treat the vaginismus.

   The central selection of the treatment of the problem of the Vajinismus is important. When choosing a treatment center, it is especially important that the psychologist or gynecologist have been trained in sexual therapy. Because there is no special training on sexual therapy in medical education and psychology education. Sexual therapy training is also an acquired education. Experience is important in this regard.

Health workers Vajinismus Stories

  Now, I would like to give you a few of the patient’s vaginal treatment stories from the health care workers in our clinic.

  Ö.K.: I was married for 10 years. I’ve had thousands of births for 15 years as a midwife and a nurse. However, I did not succeed in sexual intercourse in my marriage. I’ve always wanted to have children. I hunted the babies I delivered. I’ve been to other gynecologists a few times before. They said Hymen, but I didn’t see the benefit. Nothing has healed. I used a lot of muscle relaxants, antidepressant, painkillers. I didn’t even admit that one of the doctors offered to sleep and suggested sexual intercourse. So it’s been years. When I came to my teacher Esra, I learned that these are the wrong treatments. My treatment lasted 4 days. My wife and I can’t believe it either. It’s been a waste of 10 years. Thanks to Esra Hodama and his team. I recommend to patients with Vajinismus. No delays. Good day.

   This patient came to our clinic very desperate, depressed. First of all, we have said that we will start over again as they have been resetting their lives and coming to treatment for the first time and we have agreed. After providing mutual trust, we have implemented the same treatment protocol by personating What we do to a patient who has no relationship with health. The result was successful. Success was the nurse’s own. We just used the right methods of treatment.

Another story

    E.Y.: I wanted to write specifically for all women. I’m a gynecologist. Although I knew the female body very well, my brain wasn’t working when it came to me. In fact, my brain and my body were not in harmony. My legs, and my pelvic floor muscles. I don’t know if it scares me. When I came to Dr. Esra Hanam, I didn’t say I was a gynecologist. Because I was ashamed. I was a gynecologist, but I never treated a patient with a vagina. I didn’t get any training on that. I don’t think I’ll be treating myself if I’m already trained. We have established a good patient doctor relationship with Esra lady and we have worked very harmonious. I just solved my vaginismus problem in 3 days. The problem of the Vajinismus is an easily treatable disease in the right centers. They just have to trust themselves, and the rest is spontaneous. I wish all women happiness.

    The only thing this doctor wanted from us was to treat himself as a patient with no ordinary knowledge of a vaginismus. We, in principle, start the treatment from the beginning and apply the cognitive and behavioral therapy methods step by step. We don’t skip any treatment steps as medical personnel.

    Such as the examples given above, many nurses, doctors, medical personnel such as laborant were treated in our clinic.

    The important thing is the need to get professional help in the treatment of vaginismus harvesting, even if it is health care personnel. The success rate is very high when the correct treatment methods are applied in the right centers.


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