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Causes of genital warts – why Genital warts occur?

We provide a definitive solution to your problems with the causes of genital warts and causes of Genital warts. The name of the warts occurring in the vaginal area in women is the Condyloma Akümünata in medicine. The causes of Genital warts are viruses called HPV. These viruses, called Human Papilloma, are benign but have no risk of cancer.

  They can be sexually transmitted in general. Although benign, it negatively affects women in particular psychological aspects. In recent years, the incidence of especially young people in our country increases. Many people with this complaint refer to health institutions. It can be seen in both men and women. They are the appearance of cauliflower in the Genital area or around the breech. Sometimes a single piece is seen more than once. They give symptoms as painless masses. They are in a white or yellow color with a purer. These are actually parts of meat that have completed abnormal formation. They do not show symptoms such as itching or pain. Some are up to the head of the pin, some are up to 4 cm in size. The HPV virus, which causes warts, causes the growth of warts after settling into the body. Sometimes the virus is so effective that it causes the formation of hundreds of warts in the genital areas with an effect we call a flare. Although there is no risk in the initial stage, it can cause diseases such as cervical cancer, external genital organ cancer, and anus cancer when not treated.

Causes of Genital warts-how to treat?

Treatment is also used in most surgical methods and it works. But other treatment methods may also work in patients. After the causes of Genital warts are identified, treatment methods are applied. Surgical excision (surgical cessation of the lesion area), cryotherapy method (ice cream), laser burning (Koter), use of antiviral creams and other drug therapies are often used. As a result of the large and visible warts in the Genital area, they are taken with surgical method. After removal of large parts, it is tried to treat other warts with medication and demolition techniques. The freezing process with the help of liquid nitrogen is one of the methods which can be applied successfully. The freezing process is painless and many times are applied without anesthesia. They are generally administered by the formation of warts during pregnancy. The laser method applied with the burning of the lesions with the help of carbon dioxide lasers is also one of the methods applied successfully in recent years. Local anesthesia is applied in this method. In the method of chemical destruction; Acids such as bicloracetic acid, tricchloracetic acid, podophiline and podophilotoxin are used. With the help of these acids, which are very effective in the destruction of warts, the problematic areas are destroyed. However, they cause irritation in a healthy skin. In this method, pain may occur for a period of time and it is a difficult method to apply in patients. It is an application that needs to be repeated for days. Drugs called interferon and imiquimod are used in the destruction of warts to increase immune resistance. Drug therapy is a long-lasting treatment, such as chemical destruction.


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