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Genital Area Whitening

The image you are uncomfortable with in your genital area is terminated by the genital area whitening operation. So, how about the genital area whitening?


About Genital Area Whitening

  Deciding which method to use for the whitening process you requested is important. First of all, you are getting answers to your curiosity about this operation. You will have no worries about the whitening process in your genital area with the answer to your curiosity. The process will be provided directly.

Why is the Genital area darkens?

The cause of the decision to be made in the Genital area can also be wondered.  When viewed, there may be a consequence of blackening in the region due to different reasons. Here, the main reason for bromating is the estrogen, which is the principal hormone. The texture shows darkening with UV effect.

  • Darking after pregnancy
  • Use of birth control pill
  • Polyclinic syndrome
  • Some hormonal problems can cause blackdown in the region.

The elimination of these problems may be important before the operation. If the hormone problem is terminated, it will be important to be effective after treatment. Caution should be ensured, eliminating the causes of blacking of the genital area.

Why is Genital area whitening done?

Often, visual problems create a self-esteem problem in the person. Subsequently, sexual escapism may be in question. If the image is disturbed, it can be applied to the elimination of the problem with aesthetics. Because it is an extremely simple process, you can make this problem disappear without further growth.

  • Having blackings in the Genital area
  • Having color differences in the Genital area
  • Disturbing the image of the region

The above conditions are sufficient to require the operation to be performed. After the examinations conducted by your doctor, you are provided with specific information directly for you. With the interpretation of the operation through your personal problem, you will receive an answer to your curiosity about the genital area bleached shortly.

Genital Area Whitening Methods

  The process is performed with both surgery and laser.


You should know that the laser is used to whitened the Genital area.  The most preferred and effective solution is the elimination of blackwork in the region with the laser.


  Often we can say that the preferred and recommended method is laser.

Detailed information about the methods given above is presented. It is important that you request which method is used and which methods your doctor considers appropriate. After the checks, it will be provided with information about the whitening process directly.

Laser Whitening Genital Area

The whitened area can be with a laser.  The use of laser in a different way allows this method to be implemented differently.

So, what are the methods of whitening the genital area with laser?

There are different methods that have been developed to eliminate the problem in the most effective way. With the suggestion of your doctor, it will be easier to determine which method to do the whitening process. Details will be presented before and after the operation.

Whitening with carbon dioxide laser;

Among the methods provided for the laser method used, carbon dioxide is included in the laser. We can say that the color-opening treatment is completed between 20 and 25 minutes with this method. With this method, the regional sedation for the whitening process will ensure that the process is done in a very comfortable way. We can say that the feeling of pain is almost completely destroyed.

  The treatment of laser beams will be a direct peeling of that layer. This can be done by some kind of peeling metaphor. Since it is an operation that takes place both in a short time and in an easy way, you will be able to take the result you want to peel the skin as the peeling process is peelingte.

  • ‘ ‘ How many sessions are required ‘ ‘: This is the most frequently asked question about the method. In general, we can say that a single year will suffice for the process of whitening the vagina with laser. After peeling after a session, Whiting in the genital area will become visible.
  • ‘ ‘ How long in the Whites ‘ ‘: among the questions that women who have been treated, there are questions about how long whiting will be effective. We can say that a month is enough for this. It will be enough to pass a month in terms of the clear and accurate effect.

Cosmetic Gynecolijeki whitening method;

You should know that both lasers used in the field of medicine and laser methods used in the field of cosmetics. In general, we can say that the laser method used for genital area aesthetics is the fractional carbon dioxide laser method. Using the Erbium laser, the aesthetic of the genital area will be ensured.

Is the laser whitening vagina harmful?

  A situation where laser use can be harmful to any process and is often alarmed by patients. The controls that your doctor has made will then provide clear information about this issue.

Your doctor will provide you with information that it is not harmful, that the skin does not exceed a few mils of penteration, so that you do not see any harm to your skin in this process. In general, there is no harm seen in women who have completed the operation. By knowing them, you can request that the process be realized with peace of mind.

Sexual Life after Vagina whitening

  You’ll find it’s an operation that won’t affect your sex life. You should know that tissue healing will be complete in just a week. It may be possible to avoid the sexuality recommended by your doctor during this period, which is given for the renewal of your skin. The controls can then be decided entirely according to your vagina situation. If you ask questions, you will receive clear information after the operation.

You will be careful after Genital whitening with laser

You’ll need to be careful after the operation completes.  Your doctor will make general notices about this. It is extremely important for the person to pay attention to hygiene and protect the area for a week. The recovery process can be accelerated by treating them appropriately.


There may be recommended creams for use in the area bleached by your doctor. You need to use it regularly for the elimination of problems such as the acceleration of healing and temporary redness after operation – swelling.

The healing process;

There may be a temporary blackout in the area after the operation. If full recovery is ensured, all this will be eliminated. For this, you should expect to receive the exact result of the operation, without worrying about the recovery period in any way.

You can make an appointment to contact the doctor for the operation and the necessary controls to be made. 


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