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What is Genital aesthetics, what are the details?

Vaginal aesthetics can be made in women in terms of shape disorders in the sexual area, aesthetic and self-esteem problems and sexual dysfunction. Nowadays, vagina aesthetics are as common as nose and breast aesthetics. Thanks to the high level of technological facilities and medical developments nowadays, operations can be done in as little as 30 minutes and reach a very satisfactory level in terms of success rates. The recovery period is very short, and especially for women, it is observed that sexual intercourse, self-confidence and psychological healing are seen. Although aesthetic operations are usually made for the skin, there has been an increase in the number of vaginal aesthetic surgeries today. The operation to increase sexual pleasure directly allows people to be psychologically healthier. Disliking the genitals leads to a lot of problems in sexual intercourse. At this stage, it should be known that the unappreciated condition of the genitalia is quite common, without shame and contention, an expert doctor should be admitted in the field. What are the requirements for vagina aesthetics? Vaginal width is the biggest reason to apply for vagina aesthetics. Vaginal width; Frequent births consist of factors such as the difficult delivery of normal labor, improper disposal or healing of birth seperations, or genetics. Furthermore, the large internal lips are the most common cause of vaginal aesthetics. The biggest and most common problem that women live in is not an orgasm. There are two factors responsible for this situation; One is the clitoris, the other is G point. It is possible to take excess skin that surrounds the clam with aesthetic operations. In this way, sexually acquired pleasure increases. However, the number of G-point enlargement, vaginal orgasm is not a dream. Why vaginal aesthetics are made?

  • It is done for the elimination of relaxation problems occurring in the vagina where women live normally after childbirth.
  • If the asymmetry of the inner and outer lips is different, it can be corrected with aesthetics.
  • If the outer or inner lips are wide and saggy, such as elephant ears, aesthetic is done.
  • Due to the incision applied outside the vagina in difficult births, it is done if satisfaction is not present in sexual intercourse.
  • Sagging may occur in the last parts of the urinary bladder and the rectum before the anus. Such conditions can lead to adverse causes such as sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. This can lead to uterine prolongency and can lead to more serious problems in the long run. Therefore, vaginal aesthetics can be made.

Inner lip Reduction (labioplasty): The sages occurring on the inner lips for vaginal aesthetics lead to various problems in most women. This situation can be solved by the inner lip reduction process, which creates a very aesthetic problem and negatively affects the woman’s self-esteem. The inner lips, which have a curved structure inside the vagina, start over the clam and expand to the back. At this stage it can be longer and saggy on the middle side. The structure, size and volume of the inner lips are different in every woman. Saggy of the inner lips standing, indicates that the inner lips are large and flinchy. These big lips can penetrate into the vagina during intercourse and cause pain. However, bathing suits can cause problems in the event of entering clothing such as tights. This magnitude can be one-sided in some cases, which causes an asymmetric image. The difference in the color of the inner lip is a condition that disturbs women. These discontent can easily be solved by vaginal aesthetic operation. What causes inner lip sag? The size and sages on the inner lips can also lead to asymmetrical situations. The vagina remains moist in the case of saggy inner lips. This also invites infections. Abscelation formations in the vajinitis or bartholin glands are most common in women with large internal lips. In some cases, the penetration of the penis into the vagina is prevented due to the large inner lips. This condition causes painful sexual intercourse. In the inner lips, the normal degree of size prevents bacteria and harmful substances from penetration into the vagina. For this reason, the inner lips should be ideally sized. But larger internal lips can cause more common vaginal infections and pain in sexual intercourse. What are the causes of change in the inner lips? The biggest reason for women to have a large or later growth of internal lips is the hormonal causes during puberty. In addition, vaginal infections that become chronic can cause structural change and color change. The pregnancy period is also among the elements that change color on the inner lips. Who is suitable for labioplasty? Aesthetic operation to the inner lips; It can be done to any patient who has completed 18 years of age and has no health problem to interfere with the surgery. It can also be applied to virgin patients. The process does not cause the hymen to deterioration. Normal delivery can also be done after surgery. How to perform internal lip reduction surgery? The inner lip reduction operation takes approximately 30-40 minutes. The end of the menstrual period for surgery is quite ideal. It can be done under local anesthesia, but it is more suitable to be performed under general anesthesia to maintain the patient’s stress and psychological condition. The operation time is very short. After the procedure, there is no trace, no understanding of the outside surgery. However, it is very important to avoid sexual intercourse until the recovery period is complete. This time is 4 weeks. This operation can also be done by simultaneously narrosting the vagina. Vagina narroing (vajinoplasty): The biggest reason for narrobbing the vagina is to increase satisfaction in sexual intercourse. The pleasure of both the woman and the man from sexual intercourse is increased. In this way, healthier marriages and relationships arise and the woman’s confidence is refreshed. Vagina narroing, which can be performed even in local anesthesia, may also be applied under general anesthesia for patients not to stress. The process can be completed in 30 minutes. What are the benefits of a vagina narroing surgery?

  • Thanks to the vaginal aesthetics, both appearance and shape are corrected.
  • The functions of loose vaginal muscles are re-provided.
  • Tension, resistance and tonus are increased on the vaginal canal.
  • Tension created on the Vajen Canal helps to increase the pleasure of women and men.

What causes vagina enlargement? Vaginal tears occurring during Normal childbirth, damage occurring in the vagina structure during the recovery period of episyotomy, leads to enlargement and looses of the vagina. However, the progression of age, genetic factors also leads to enlargement of the vagina. Thanks to the vaginal aesthetic methods, many problems such as deformities and vaginal relaxation are repaired and the form should be.


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