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First night superstition causes Vajinismus!

Although we are in a technological and modern era, the first night of marriage is still increasing. The biggest psychological problem that is caused by this problem is the number of couples who have been living with vaginismus for years. The researches were seen in 1 of every 10 women who had been subjected to excessive repression in childhood, and those who were bred in strict rules with the thought that sexuality was a shame and sin, and the advanced state of the first night syndrome due to this lifestyle. The   Because we are a country whose sexuality and problems are limited to speaking comfortably, the majority of the myths that are known for the first night of this genre are continuing. Most often, the first night of exaggeration may have a solid thought about getting married because of the sins and the thoughts of shame. It is known that there are hundreds of people who have settled in the subconscious mind that a woman living in sexuality is dirty and evil.

Eradicate Vajinismus and superstitions

Couples who are completely unconscious and have misinformation are faced with problems like vaginismus before they can live the first night. These problems cause the problem of erectile dysfunction in men and cause vaginal vagina in women. The treatment of vajinismus is easy and usually a condition that is taken care of in a short period of time, such as 4 sessions.   The treatment of vajinismus begins with clearing the subconscious mind by telling you the right information. The vaginal muscles of the vagina do not allow the merger as a result of involuntary controperations. It is a completely involunible event to push the partner to the female sexual intercourse and to contrit the muscles. She can’t control her body. There are couples who have lived in this situation for many years, and over time, sexual coldness and problems begin between spouses. This results in the end of family relations and divorce. Vajinismus is not an anatomical disorder but a purely psychological problem. The treatment of vajinismus is taken seriously, with the help of a competent expert, a condition that will be resolved in a short time with double therapies. You get rid of this situation with more accurate information and simple little exercises, taking your fear and anxiety from you without getting hurt. Gradually, the duration of treatment in a healthy way is maintained and the transition to a happier family life in a short time. The treatment of the Vajinismus is not a shamable problem and process. Together with a professional support, this process is passed in a healthy way.


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