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Fear of the first night

The problem of the Vajinismus is often the first night of the wedding day, because it usually appears in fear. This situation is very common not only in our country but also in some countries where sexuality is restricted. The first night fears, excitement, tension due to a couple of doctors who faced with the vagina, the situation will recover after a few days they believe. As you see that the problem does not pass over time, the sadness, tension, and the deterioration of everything will drag the woman to severe depression. A postponement and escape period begins, which translates the couple’s lives to hell. The wedding girl’s ‘ first night will be a lot of pain ‘, as the suggestions are among the biggest factors that cause vajinismus.   In some areas, there is still a high voltage of the blood sheets showing in progress. The inability to show that sheet is because the woman is not a virgin, and the male is interpreted as impotent, and the vagina may develop. The fear of the first night is experienced on both sides. The treatment of Vajinismus is a psychological condition that is treated in short periods of about 4 sessions, which is fairly easy. It leads to the absence of a first night merger without knowing what the young girls will encounter in the mind by explaining some of the small events experienced by those who have already married. If a newly married couple did not have a merger after 10 days, they should consult a doctor for the treatment of the vaginismus.

Common characteristics of women with Vajinismus

Women with vajinismus have common characteristics. The following cases are always available in women with this disorder.

  • They have a childish personality
  • There are fears like needles, blood vision and Dentist
  • Try to be a good girl
  • They can’t express their rage, and they can’t excommunicate their anger.
  • They always think of the worst scenarios.
  • They don’t trust anyone, they trust everyone very quickly.
  • They perceive sexuality as something bad and dirty
  • They live solid religious conditionals
  • They like to carve and they can orgasm with the stimulation of the clam
  • Family dependent
  • They don’t like their bodies.
  • There are occasions when I do not accept marriage

The strict rules of the ear-to-mouth misinformation of the menstrual traditions the treatment of vaginismus is often rejected, and they may even cause the marriage to end when the woman is considered inadequate.


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