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What is Colposcopy?

Colposcopy is the examination of the servix vagina and vulva tissues by enlarging the Magnifier or microscope by 30-40 times.


In cases of abnormal Pap smear (ASCUS, LGSIL, HGSıL)-Genital warts (HPV, Condyloma)-in women with continual infection in recurrent smear tests-as a result of gynecological examination, the Servix, vagina or vulvone is visibly In the case of abnormal lesions-pain-caused by non-bleeding.




It is done in a non-bleeding period. Vaginal cleansing in the last 24 hours (shower) must not have been sexual intercourse. Vaginal tampons and medication should not be used


The patient is made of a lithotomy position on the gynecological table. The instrument is called the speculum which provides good visibility of the wagon. 3-5% acetic acid is applied to these areas in order to see abnormalities in the uterus and the wagon. The Doctor then examines the uterus’s mouth by enlarging it with the help of the Colposkop. In order to make the Colposcopic examination accurate and complete, it is necessary to see the cell conversion zone where the CA and the Chests are formed and the entire lesion.

Endocervical speculum can be used to better see the cervical canal in patients who have never had vaginal delivery or reduced menopause due to servixi. Colposcopy and biopsy is a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia.



Non-Normal tissues are seen as white after 3-5% acetic acid solution applied. These areas are called Aseto-white (Aseto white) areas and biopsy is taken from here. The cervix is also checked for increased vasectomy. If there is a vascular increase, biopsy should be taken. In some cases, the surface of the Servix can be carried out by a “Lugol solution (iodine solvent)”. After the Lupol solusion, cervical biopsy can be performed and the definitive diagnosis can be made from places that do not hold paint (Lugol negative).

During Colposcopy, the Endocervical region can be engraved with the instrument called “Küret”. This process is called endocervical curettage (ECC).


Patients after colposcopy can return to their daily lives immediately. They don’t need to rest at home. It could be a few days of mild hemorrhage and coffee-colored currents. Until these troubles pass, it is necessary to find 15 days, not to be in relationship, vaginal tampons and showers. If you have complaints such as excessive amounts of vaginal bleeding, excess pubic pain, fever, you should consult your physician.



As a result of pathological examinations, regular smear follow-up or LEEP conization can be applied in the patients with problems.


The process of conical removal of the uterus is called conization. In Colposcopic examination, if the suspicious lesion boundaries are spreading into the uterus canal, or if the endocervical curettage (ECC) is pathological, then the results of the Pap smear should be carried out as pathology. The conization can be performed with local or general anesthetic.


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