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Clitoris Aesthetics applications

The clitoris is located within the vagina and is the organ taken in pleasure. Due to its dense vascular structure, it is actually one of the most important gratification centres. In the applications of clitoris aesthetics, wrinkles are removed in general and the remains on the skin are taken. They are generally referred to as hudoplasty and are performed during labioplasty surgery operations. The vagina is a clitoris aesthetic made with inner lips.

The inner lips in the Genital area are divided into two separate regions. It is called Glans Klitoridis, which is located in the sections of the lower layer on the inner lips divided into sections as the upper and lower layers. This section can be seen from the outside by General.


Causes of clitoris aesthetics

The clitoris region is the main pleasure center in the ladies. In the operation of clitoris aesthetics, it is aimed to remove wrinkles on this organ. The folds of skin wrinkles cause the formation of an unpleasant ledge in this region. This situation is disturbing as the image.


There are two methods of aesthetic operations performed on the clitoris. One of them is the incision made from the center and the other is two-sided and lateral cuts. The operation is completed by applying surgical incision.

The operations made for the clitoris region are not done alone. They are generally performed during labioplasty operations. After such operations without any risk, a beautiful and aesthetic appearance can be obtained. Also in operations, the clitoris organ is hung slightly upwards.

Although such operations are performed for aesthetic purposes, they must be applied by specialist physicians because they require delicate processes. In addition, the number of surgeons specializing in this issue is less as a number in both the world and our country. Clitoris aesthetics are now known and preferred by many women.


Considerations after operations

After Labioplasty and clitoris operations, there is no harm in having people continue their daily lives. The use of a hygienic pad for a week and the vaginal area must be kept dry. They need to be done against the risk of infection.

It should also not be lifted heavily and should not be too much standing. The legs should not be too much to open. This area should be prevented from excessive hot or excessive cold water contact when bathing.

In case of attention to all these issues, 100% of the results obtained as a result of aesthetic operation will be satisfied.


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