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Mithatpaşa Cad. No:51/2

About Us


About me

I give you services as a physician in vaginismus, hymenoplasty, genitalarea aesthetics and gynecological issues.

Education, Specialized Areas

Aftergraduatingfrom Gazi UniversityFaculty of Medicine in 1995, I started to work as a general practitioner, then I have passed TUS exam and started to work in female diseases and birth. In 2001, I graduated as a gynecologist and I have treatedthousands of vaginismuspatientsandsaw their happiness and I have done many births and surgeries in the field of obstetrics. I participated in birth, gynecology, menopause, high-risk pregnancy, infertility, and in-vitro fertilization, and participated in national congresses and courses in many areas including PRP therapies, ovulation induction, sexual therapy, and provided services and knowledge to my patients.

Vaginismus Diseaseand Treatment process

During the intercourse when the women because of theri concious or subcouncious fears wont have sexual activities or will be hard to have it as will contract themselves and will feel more pain during the sexual activity, then we will face with vaginismus in our country.

If intense pain is felt during sexual intercourse, if the woman looks at sexual activity as a taboo and a frightening action, and if the woman is constantly alerting and is nervous during the relationship, it is advisable to apply to our center as soon as possible.

We help the patients who are applying for Vaginismus treatment because of vaginismus problem, before than everything the sexual partner doesn’t make pressure on the other side person when they are going through sexual activity and the partenrs should help each other during this treatment.

In general, thecause of vaginismusdiscomfort is psychologically, although a physical situation may occur due to the discomfort. So that does not ignore the physical examination and also, I recommend doing examination to find the source of the problem.

Once the source of the disorder is determined, I can correct the discomfort with the appropriate treatment method. For this, I offer the treatment that enables the woman to change her psychological reactions towards sexuality in her subconscious and enables them to realize a happy union. In this process, I help my patients overcome the problem by using the most appropriate treatment methods for behavioral therapies, information, psychotherapies and other mixed treatments.

Genital aesthetic and treatment process

Nowadays, it is very important that the body has an aesthetically beautiful and attractive appearance. The genital aesthetic operation, which is introduced in these subjects and enables the genital area to get an aesthetically attractive appearance, is divided into many sub-branches within itself and these operations are applied separately according to the region where the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the genital area is desired.

Generally, you can refer to the genital aesthetic operation if you want to remove the aesthetic defects seen in the genital area and to have an aesthetic appearance with a genital area. For example, if the outer lips are too large, if the vagina has lost its elasticity, if there are physical abnormalities in the genital area, you can have an aesthetic genital area appearance with genital plastic surgery.

I provide you with making smaller lip aesthetics of the vagina’s inner lips, with removing of the inner lips are sagging or wrinkled in cases where the injection process of the large lips make it more filler. I prefer to make vaginoplasty surgery to make the vagina thighter for my patients who had done normal birth and vagina muscles are released.

In order to ensure the successful operation of my patients and to be satisfied with the process, I am serving you by providing the best selection and preparation of surgical methods and operating room conditions and materials.

Hymenoplasty process

Thehymenoplasty is primarilycaused by the fact that we live in a patriarchal society, and many people think of premarital sexual intercourse as a barrier and cannot get married. We offer you a service that helps you in this matter and provides you with treatment. The hymen treatment is generally performed as an operation to restore the hymen of women who have been damaged for any reason. The procedure can be performed with a temporary or permanent method and this method is chosen in terms of the effect that my patients want. You can make an appointmentforthehymenoplasty at any time by applying to our center because it is an operation performed without any relation to the factors such as how many times destroyed or how many children birth or how many times had done kurtaj in thehymenoplasty

As a result of the operation I will successfully recommend, it will continue to show its effect depending on the type of operation as long as you are careful about the issues I have specified. Transient hymen replanting operations generally allow the hymen to be repaired for a period of several days, while persistent hymen surgery will continue to exist until the time you have sexual intercourse after compliance with the recommendations.

Only a gynecologist can understand if the hymen had already been repaired when the hymen had been disrupted. 1 week after interrupting your hymen, even a gynecologist will not be able to produce any ideas about the time of destroying. Therefore, your partner or the person you are with will not know that you have hymen surgery. I am taking care of patient – physician privacy and fulfilling my duties as a physician in order to provide you with the medical support you need and without having to share your information with anyone.

Gynecological Examination Service

We offer solutions to the diseases you experience while providing our medical services and we enable you to diagnose possible discomforts and diseases at an early stage by gynecological examination performed annually or periodically.In this way, we take care against many serious and difficult diseases, especially cervical cancer.

IVF Treatment

With normal ways IVF treatment in laboratory conditions by getting sperm from male and ovule from female and mix them and then transfer it to the female uterus, we will help the females who cannot be pregnant and have a baby to get pregnant. In order to increase the success rate of this treatment, which we have successfully accomplished with developing technology, we also offer a service to supportive treatment methods. We offer you many helpful treatment methods such as treatment of egg problem, pregnancy vaccination, treatments for male infertility, detection and treatment of sperm DNA damage, treatment of egg problems.

Our Gynecology and Obstetrics services

You can contact us for getting moreinformationaboutpriceds of ourservices which is thelatestandadvancedtechnology.  At the same time, you can make an appointment for analyzing your problems and provide you with the most appropriate treatment methods for your problems. You can get rid of your problems as soon as possible without any problems with our gynecology service. We try to make true your wishes and needs, provide services and the results you want.



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